VIDEO: A looter’s view inside the mess that is Gaisano Mall
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When Baguio was struck by a 7.9-magnitude earthquake in 1990, I remember hearing US Senator Richard Lugar on TV observing that “the Filipinos are stealing anything that’s not bolted to the ground.”
At that time I thought, nakakahiya.
More than 20 years later, I don’t really want to judge the looters in Tacloban. I get it if you’re desperate and need food or water, or even clothing or slippers. But to steal a Selecta ice cream chest freezer and brand new school trolley bags seems ridiculous to me. Are schools even open??

Philippines Typhoon

Actually this Selecta freezer stealing kind of cracks me up 🙂


It’s hard to judge because we’re not in their position. And thank God for us who are far away from the disaster sites. But I don’t know what to make of this video taken by one of the looters inside Gaisano mall.
What a mess it is! I feel so bad for Gaisano and its tenants.

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Best Miss Universe reaction: Bed Manila
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Remember when Venus Raj made it as a Miss Universe finalist in 2010, and this reaction video of the gay designers’ sleepover became viral?

This year, the pageant was held in Russia at 2 AM Manila time. Our cable was down and the hubby was sleeping anyway (can’t make noise). Luckily I found a very clear livestream in Lithuanian.
For the last couple of days, Manila felt heavy and gloomy, even though we didn’t feel the full effect of Typhoon Yolanda. It was generally a depressing day. So at 2 AM many of us stayed up to watch the pageant, in hope that a Philippine victory would lift our morale.
As I watched in bed under the sheets, with only a laptop and headphones, many other Filipinos got together for a Miss Universe viewing party.
Now watch as the audience at BED—Manila’s premiere gay club, known for their Madonnathons, Kylie and Britney nights—made a collective sigh when Ariella Arida was announced the last finalist in Miss Universe 2013.

Beauty pageants. More fun in the Philippines!
Miss Philippines won 3rd runner up and that’s not a bad thing. Had she won the crown, you can imagine an earthquake of 7.7 with BED as epicenter. And that would take the focus off two more important things: Yolanda victims and their rehab, and the trial of Public Enemy Number One: Ms. Napoles.

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