Peek inside American Eagle Outfitters

Confession time: I had never heard of American Eagle Outfitters until I found out Bench was bringing it in and moving into the former Dimensione flagship in Bonifacio High Street. (Click here to see Dimensione’s new location.)
My friend and former store manager, Efren Te, is now the American Eagles’s visual merchandiser.
He recently flew over to train in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so I was excited to see the results.

Last week, Efren gave me the full tour before the store opened to the public last March 1, 2013.
When I arrived at 2 PM, Robby Carmona was busy rehearsing with live band and models for the launch.

Robby Carmona rehearsal
American Eagle

The store’s design—as well as the wooden planks—came from the U.S.

American Eagle

We start on the second level where the menswear is located

American Eagle
American Eagle
American Eagle

I think my husband would wear these

American Eagle
American Eagle

Neutrals and colors

American Eagle
American Eagle

and an obscene amount of underwear to choose from

Lawrence at American Eagle

On the street level are the womens collections

American Eagle

A bit too young for me, but perfect for students and young ladies

American Eagle
American Eagle

Plus more cute underwear

American Eagle

P.S. I really love the fitting rooms—

American Eagle

Nice, spacious, spare, and plenty.

American Eagle

Efren showed me its special feature—the call button you can press if you need assistance or another size?

American Eagle

A first in Manila, I think.

American Eagle
American Eagle

To know more about American Eagle Outfitters:

50 Shades of National Bookstore

I feel so blessed to have National Bookstore as a sponsor, or should I say, benefactor?
That means I get invited to book signings, receive autographed copies of books, plus wonderful swag and gift checks that I can use to my heart’s content.
National Bookstore is my wasteland. I’m happy when I get to share the joy with friends and family once in a blue moon.
Today after buying new shoes at Payless and an early dinner at Pepper Lunch, my five-year-old son wanted to buy a Lego book. So off we were to National Bookstore with Ate Mariza and the nanny.
First, I found this really funny. With the elections coming up, I don’t know which politician would actually use these :)

At National Bookstore

Ate Mariza and Yaya Joan wanted to buy pocketbooks, which they share with everyone in the household, including the neighbors’ maids. I told them to choose 10 each.

Mariza at National Bookstore

I was kind of surprised to find these: 50 Shades of Grey in freaking Tagalog!

50 shades of Tagalog?

I should’ve opened it just to see how “butt plug” and “nipple clamps” would translate in Filipino.
And no, I didn’t show it to our maid. Here’s what they ended up getting:

Maids' books

Don’t know if this is a good idea…

Sexy Bodyguard

Here’s what Christian got—he is a super hyper baby

Hyper Christian

And my loot: the latest Yes! magazine, Chanel book

Yes mag and Chanel

Plus The Happiness Project book and journal

The Happiness Project

The latter is a gratitude journal, where today I will write: “Had a fun time at National Bookstore…”

Inside the Happiness Project


I love to speak Tagalog (especially the cuss words), but I don’t read Tagalog very well.
I may know most of the gay terms, but certain words in Tagalog are really new to me. Like “hitad.”
I read this while looking at Ivy Lisa Mendoza’s Twitter profile:

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 4.53.52 PM

I thought it sounded like a female relative’s term. But why would she call herself that?
I decided to find out on Twitter.


After seeing @ivymendoza’s bio—"news hound, magazine junkie, janitress of bad copies, hitad"—I had to ask….

Storified by Cecile van Straten· Tue, Mar 05 2013 00:51:42

What’s hitad?CVS
@chuvaness I think it’s a creepy crawly!Pia Magalona
@piamagalona @chuvaness That’s higad naman. :)Mich Hung
@chuvaness hitad, higad, what’s the diff! They’re BOTH creepy crawlies ;)Pia Magalona
I thought hitad meant "in-law" or somethingCVS
@chuvaness Hitad means being taken somewhere, like for a ride. Take it from me.Teddy Locsin Jr.
Sir @teddyboylocsin , I say this w/ the utmost of respect, but this is a case of the blind leading the blind. :-) @chuvanessMon Yadao
"@teddyboylocsin: @chuvaness Hitad means being taken somewhere, like for a ride. Take it from me."- HATIDjen alburo
@piamagalona @chuvaness Pardon my intrusion, "hitad " is synonymous to maarte or malandi . "Hipag" is sister in-law. "HIGAD" is caterpillarMeshuGGener
After all this, someone else offers another world for “hitad.”
@chuvaness girl like bilatthatgurLYen
what the hell is that? i don’t want to know….CVS

City Delivery launches iPhone app

A few years ago, when we wanted food delivery, our options were limited to fast food from Shakey’s, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Jollibee. Max’s was an option, but I usually call Mann Hann.
City Delivery changed that when they introduced multi-restaurant delivery in the Philippines.
City Delivery Logo ORANGE

Now you can order Lola Ising’s Adobo Rice from Café Adriatico, Chicken with Cashew Nuts from Jatujak, or even Garlic Beef Pepper Rice from Pepper Lunch—depending on your location.
Choose from over 300 partner restaurants and place your orders without waiting in long queues or experiencing busy lines. Just call 87878 or go to

Now, if you have an iPhone, download and order via City Delivery’s new app.
Designed for people on the go, the app is free for download and it gives you the convenience of ordering food without having to call or log on the internet.

Ordering is as easy as this:

1) Select one from over 300 restaurant partners from the merchant list

City delivery app

2) Select the branch nearest you

City Delivery app

3) Choose and add items to your food cart.

City Delivery app

Feel your mouth water (I’m serious).

City Delivery app

4) Review your orders in the Food Cart. Select Checkout when you’re ready.
5) If you’re not logged in, a command box will ask you to do so.
6) Fill out your delivery and payment information.
7) Review the details. Select Submit to finalize.
8) Wait for the call from a customer service representative to confirm your order.

Check out What’s New in City Delivery’s app.
Unfortunately no app yet for Android, and City Delivery tells me they’re tweaking the app to eventually include a search list per area.
Download it HERE

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