#Owow a present!

When it comes to swag, size matters. Because we get them all the time, it helps to get noticed when your present is really big. Make that taller than my six-foot husband.
Yesterday Oishi sent this.

From Oishi

With it, some notes on Oishi that weren’t quite complete

From Oishi

and the box has a slot

From Oishi

That opens up to all the Oishi chips you can imagine

From Oishi

It’s like a chips vending box! My sons grabbed the Pillows, Jeroen got the Bread Pan, and I got my favorite Caramel Popcorn which I’m eating right now.
All the people in the house are fascinated and allowed to get whatever they want.
It’s a great gift idea! If Oishi would sell them, I would send them to our special friends.
I wonder how much this would cost with delivery charge?


Today a second Oishi vending box arrived, so we have two! One box will be sent to Jeroen’s office, while the other stays here for the summer.
Thank you Shera and Oishi! Can’t wait to visit the plant!

Click here to see who else got the box —> #Owow


Chris Botti back in Manila!

Here we go again!
Looks like I’ll get to see Chris Botti in Manila this June 19. It pays to listen to the radio in the bathroom. And thank God it’s in a classy airconditioned venue that we really like.
I would’ve wanted to watch Sergio Mendes tonight, but I don’t have the heart to go to Smart Araneta anymore due to the heat, traffic, safety and condition of that venue.
Even though my dad can’t stand him and Jeroen will be dragged again by me, I’m so excited to see Chris Botti live in Manila!



How hot is Metro Manila?

So hot. And not in a good way.
I’ve been cooped up in an airconed bedroom, too scared to even walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
I’m wearing a cooling gel patch on my forehead and I’ve been dizzy everyday. I really have to make an effort to get out of the house.
To illustrate how hot it is, I made an experiment with my sons to see if we could fry an egg with the heat of the sun.
At 2:45 PM we got a oiled pan and put it on a stool on the deck


Markus cracked an egg


Then I realized the pan might melt my stool. So I transferred it to the wooden floor


An hour later the yolk had cooked in a weird way, like it had suffered


As the sun began to cool down, I checked and saw it had cooked an egg, including the white, though not so pretty


That’s how hot it is in Metro Manila


Dear God, please lend us some rain. Thank You.

Now watching: Girls on HBO

Every time my favorite shows end its season, I’m always in a panic what to follow next.
Desperate Housewives is finally ending and I’m waiting for the season finales of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. (I know, I watch girly shows.)
I’ve also downloaded ten episodes of Bethenny Ever After but haven’t watched any because sometimes I prefer to have many episodes ready before starting a season.
Recently Grace told me to watch Girls on HBO, which started only this April. I’ve seen Episode 1 and will watch Episode 2 later.


So far, I’m loving it. Having studied in New York in the ’90s, I’m obsessed with any TV show on the city. Some say Girls is the new Sex and the City, but I can’t tell because I have never seen the latter.
The show follows the lives of four girls struggling to make a life in New York, and what struck me in the first episode is, this is probably one of the few shows whose lead actress is kind of chaka.

Lena Dunham

One of her friends is a cute British girl named Jessa (played by Jemima Kirke), who has a gorgeous face and normal (read: fat) body.

jemima kirke as jessa

So I thought, wow, this is different. Here are real-looking people we can relate to, not the perfect girls of other TV shows I mentioned above. Until I found out after while watching the credits that the reason why the lead actress is chaka is because she (Lena Dunham as Hannah) also writes, directs, and produces the show, which is kind of annoying.


Because it’s an HBO show, you can expect borderline sex scenes (read: not for your children’s eyes).
I’m just thankful Lena Dunham isn’t that illusyonada. You will see her in icky sex scenes with an ugly guy and not Bryan Greenberg!


That said I love the show and can’t wait to see it develop!
Probably the best-looking girl in the cast is Allison Williams as Marnie, who plays Hannah’s best friend and roommate

alison williams as marnie

Completing the foursome is Zosia Mamet as Shoshanna who plays Jemima’s impressionable cousin.

zosia mamet as shoshanna

I don’t know much more because it just started but it feels like a really good show to follow.
Downloaded on Vuze.com. To know more, click HERE.

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