Watch foreign films at home, anytime
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Tired of predictable Hollywood movies and endings?
Movie buffs can now look forward to all kinds of films—from Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia, South Asia, North America and the Middle East—as Cinemaworld International Movie Channel is now available in Metro Manila on Cable Link and the HD Movie Package of SkyCable.

City Slaker (2)

Few years in development, CinemaWorld is the first and only pan-Asia international movie channel showcasing top box-office hits and award-winning films from around the world.
Offering mainstream programming that is fresh, unique and differentiated, CinemaWorld provides movie lovers with exciting new movie options they won’t find anywhere else.

In Your Veins (1)

All movies on CinemaWorld are shown in their original language, with English subtitles.
CinemaWorld is commercial-free and available in High Definition.
Weekends will have a thematic focus, while Thriller Fridays at 11 PM will showcase movies that will have you hiding behind the covers. Saturday Festival Picks at 9 PM will highlight the best selections from international film festivals, and Sunday See The World at 9 PM will offer something unique from around the world.

The Shooter (2)

Subscribing to CinemaWorld, whether you’re on Sky Cable or CableLink, is simple.
First, get an HD Box from your cable operator, since the channel is shown in High Definition.
Then choose your desired add-on. For Sky Cable subscribers, there are several options to choose from, including their Movie Package which is offered at Php 550/month.
For CableLink subscribers, CinemaWorld is available with their Movie Pack at Php 350/month.
All this can be done over the phone! No need to go to a service center.
To find out more, contact your cable provider or go to

COMING UP: I’ll tell you how to win a free CinemaWorld subscription for 12 months, plus a Sunday brunch buffet for four at Spectrum, Raffles Hotel.

How tall is Jeane Napoles?
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She’s the daughter of Janet Lim Napoles, currently the most hated woman in the Philippines.
While mom Janet is in police custody for (probably) having stolen billions from the Filipino people, Jeane is somewhere in Los Angeles doing God knows what.
Here’s a photo of Jeane in a limo posted in her Tumblr last August 2011, and all I can say is, wow legs!

Jeane Napoles

They look unreal—until you see her in photos with various Hollywood celebrities.
While most of us have photos taken with celebs at Madame Tussaud, Jeane Napoles has hers taken with Josh Duhamel (6′ 3½”)

Josh Duhamel and Jeane Napoles

and Zachary Levi (6′ 4″)

Zachary Levi and Jeane Napoles

while she towers over Justin Bieber (5′ 6 1/2″)

Justin Bieber and Jeane Napoles

and looks like a giant next to Steve Carrell (5′ 8 1/2″)

Steve Carrell and Jeane Napoles

Justin Timberlake is more or less 6 feet tall

Jeane Napoles and Jusin Timberlake

and Jeane seems to be the same height as Blake Lively, who is taller than most of her Gossip Girl co-stars (5′ 10″)

Blake Lively and Jeane Napoles

Which leads me to ask: where did she get her height?
OMG Mrs. Napoles is nearly 5’9″!!


How to fold the YStyle bag
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Last night some of us were lucky enough to be invited to YStyle’s 10th anniversary at SMX Aura.
Can you imagine, ten years?? Congrats to Bea Ledesma, Celine Lopez and their team.
Can I just say Bea Ledesma is a genius? The venue was genius. The seating arrangement was genius.
So many people were there and we didn’t see all of them!
Everyone came home with a giant swag bag/laundry bag/eco bag designed by Everywhere We Shoot x Bleach Catastrophe.

Ystyle bag

So today I was staring at the bag and wondering how to carry this around and figured out a way to do it.

How to fold the YStyle bag

Take the bag and flip it over with the pouch pocket exposed

How to fold the YStyle bag

Fold it like so

How to fold the YStyle bag

and the other side

How to fold the YStyle bag

Fold the hem up to the mouth of the bag

How to fold the YStyle bag

And again

How to fold the YStyle bag

and kind of stuff everything into that little pouch. Et voila!

How to fold the YStyle bag

Cute no?

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