Return of the It bag
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Oh my. Just when we thought It bags were dead and were just too happy to carry a Goyard, Herve Chapelier, or even an LL Bean tote—comes the new Chanel bags for Spring-Summer 2014.
I didn’t think it was my type until I saw the pictures on the website and they are just WOW.


I’m not a backpack person, so I’m more likely to get this—if I could ever get my hands on it—who knows?


As for girls who prefer the classic Chanel flap, this one looks like art


I should’ve checked while I was in Tokyo, but there was so much to do, so little time.

Adidas Originals x Topshop launches March 20th
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Two popular labels collide as the Topshop design team raids the Adidas Original archives for Spring/Summer 2014.
Classics Adidas shapes are re-animated in bespoke prints and re-engineered to create the ultimate capsule collection.

An exclusive range of Topshop prints are inspired by London landscapes, while Adidas’ iconic three stripes and trefoil shout out from graffiti graphics.


Three originals footwear favourites—the Superstar, the Tech Super and the Attitude—are recreated in luxury leathers, splashed in Topshop’s dedicated I ♥ London graphics, with enhanced detailing in contrast threads.


The collaboration launches globally on March 20, 2014.
In Manila, the adidas x Topshop collection will be available exclusively at Topshop Greenbelt 3.
To know more about it, click HERE.

Welcome to our studio, Part 2
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Dear Rob,
It took us ages to renovate the apartment for several reasons:
1) I had to find the right designer.
2) The Philippe Starck toilet was so much cheaper from Amazon and had to be shipped here.
3) Kellyn and Rex, the designers, had to leave for Australia for a few months.
4) The TV cable had to be relocated.
5) The lamps had to be relocated.
6) The wallpaper was ordered from the UK.
7) The lamps came from Hong Kong.
8) The beds had to be specially ordered from Kristine Dee. Etc.

Here’s the work in progress:
The ledge had the least problems—except when the cushions we ordered were too big and had to be redone.

Window and ledge

I’m happy with our small kitchenette. Though we don’t want to cook inside. We do have a microwave oven, coffee maker, and rice cooker, just in case.


This study area was inspired by a stay at Hong Kong’s former JIA Hotel (now J-Plus). My idea was to create a hotel feel—therefore, no cooking, just minibar, refrigerator and simple appliances


The bed area had to be redesigned. I felt the wooden board made the place look smaller, so I had it removed and turned into a ledge.


The bathroom had to be re-done three times before it was chuva-approved. The workers broke the sink by accident so I had to buy another one

shang condo

After two years, it was time to move in! Yes, it took that long. I’m not a trained interior designer so it was hard to make decisions.

Shang studio

The amber sticker was ordered from Amazon, for bathroom privacy, in addition to blinds.
The idea I got from Singapore’s Quincy Hotel

Putting up the amber sticker

The wallpaper was ordered from the UK, inspired by yoo by Philippe Starck

Shang studio

This is my work area, with books, knick knacks, and a portrait of Chloe Sevigny by Terry Richardson

Shang studio

The lamps are by Innermost UK. The animal stool is from Dimensione, and the Kartell Mademoiselle chairs by Philippe Starck were purchased from Dexterton.

Shang studio

Only 38 square meters. I want to design spaces for a sideline!

Shang studio

The bathroom is tiny, but chuva-approved, with counter sink, wall-mount Duravit x Philippe Starck toilet, and glass enclosed-shower

Shang studio
Shang studio

Unfortunately the bathroom emits a funky smell—perhaps because it isn’t used often?
Someone please tell me what to do about it.
My hubby waiting for me to finish taking pictures for my blog. Not only is he hard-working, he is an angel.

Shang studio

Here’s a funny selfie we took some time ago. We plan to have movie dates/sleepovers here with the boys and popcorn.

Jeroen and I mini-selfie

One day I will list our apartment for rent online. Here’s the key to my one-room hotel.
In the future, maybe I will have my own little hotel.


Love, Me

Welcome to our studio, Part 1
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This post is dedicated to Rob Bryan de Jesus, who has been eagerly waiting for my next blog entry.
The truth is, I’ve developed asthma, and have been trying to catch up on work after my trip to Japan, which still has to be blogged.
Sometime in 2008, Jeroen and I walked into a showroom and I fell in love with a small studio space at Shangri-La Place. At that time it looked like this.

Model unit
Model unit

Jeroen was so skinny 🙂

Jeroen and The Secret
Model unit
Model unit

There was even a small kitchen

Kitchen in the model unit

We could only afford a studio apartment at that time. Jeroen decided to make it an investment. We made the payments and in 2009 we got turned over our unit. Much to my disappointment, here’s what we got:


Completely different layout. Kitchen is exposed on the left.

entrance inside

Cheap-looking cupboards


Unacceptable bowl toilet and shower

shower 2

Substandard closets


This is the only corner of the room I liked

Inside unit

We decided to hire Kellyn See and Rex Gapuz who I met online as Kellyn reads my blog. I hired them on the basis of their bathroom designs. Kellyn trained under Ed Calma while in the Philippines, and the couple spent a few years in Milan studying and honing their craft.
They are currently living between Sydney and Manila. We are still working with them on our home renovations.

(To be continued)

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