Kenkoy x Solo online model search extended

The search for the next faces of Solo 2012 has been extended due to popular request!
Submission of entries is until November 30 and Voting ends on December 2, 2011.
Solo’s Online Model Search gets bigger on its 3rd year as the clothing brand celebrates the beloved comic character, KENKOY, created by the Father of Philippine Cartoons, Tony Velasquez.
After successfully launching Jaggy Tallada and Jhonna Flor as 2010’s grand winners and Mehran Khaledi and Phoebe Rutaquio as 2011’s grand winners, Solo is now searching for two new faces to be officially unveiled in 2012.

Female Winner of Solo Online Model Search 2011, Pheobe Rutaq
Phoebe Rutaquio

Male Winner of Solo Online Model Search 2011, Mehran Khaledi
Mehran Khaledi

Visit the contest site and be part of this year’s search.
You may be the next face of Solo by submitting your creative photo entries or by taking part in supporting and voting for your fave entries.

kenkoy x solokenkoy x solo

Unica Hija Perfect Solokenkoy x solo

about a young boykenkoy x solo

Hotsy-Totsy!kenkoy x solo

kenkoy x solokenkoy x solo

• Entries will be judged accordingly: 30% Voter’s Choice + 70% Solo’s Choice = 100%
• The highest scorers—10 Male Photo Entries and 10 Female Photo Entries—will be the finalists.
• The top 20 finalists will have a go-see and interview with the judges.
• Cash Prizes and gift certificates await the grand winners for Best Male and Best Female Photo Entries, as well as their partner Graphic Artist/Photographer.
• Prizes await lucky voters so keep your votes coming in and you might win Solo shopping GCs!

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It Girl

First it was Sharon, then it was Kris, today there’s Anne.
The great thing about being a celebrity in the Philippines, is there’s not much competition. A celebrity endorser can have work for decades until someone more relevant comes along.
I remember when Sharon Cuneta used to endorse everything until Kris Aquino replaced her, hogging all the billboards and hawking everything from corned beef to substandard electric fans (sorry).
While Sharon is hardly convincing these days (not even Marie France), Kris Aquino continues to rake it in, while Anne Curtis is ubiquitous,  peddling everything from Swatch watches to real estate.
But what makes Anne different from the two is, if she doesn’t try too hard to be fashion forward (read: underboob) or she doesn’t sing, she’s actually all right.
Manila’s favorite cover girl has nearly 2 million Twitter followers, and is followed by and tweeted to by Paulo Coelho.

Screen shot 2011-11-24 at 7.34.10 PM

Hey I’m not a fan of Paulo Coelho, but if he tweeted me like that, I would brag about it too.
So today we formally opened the 7th Pepper Lunch branch in the Philippines at SM Megamall-A. I actually saw Alodia Gosienfiao last night at Pia Cayetano’s book launch—was gonna invite her to slice the ribbon, but was too shy.
Instead, we had Jeroen and Mich Dulce cut the vine.


Bitch Dulce was here.

Bitch Dulce bag

Meet the design team for all Pepper Lunch stores in the Philippines: Takatoshi Kimachi, Misty Floro and Geran Cunanan of Golden Eye Creative.


After lunch, we went to Swatch to pick up something for Mich—I insisted she get the Jeremy Scott Double Vision for practical purposes, since she’s all over the place.

Jeremy Scott Swatch

That’s where we had the first Anne Curtis sighting.


On our way back to Pepper Lunch, it suddenly dawned upon me that Anne was everywhere. I realized as Mich told me she copied her shoes and lipstick from Anne Curtis (read: effective endorser).
Here’s Anne number 2


Number 3


Number 4


Number 5

Anne and Mich

Number 6


Number 7


That’s not even counting the magazines at National Bookstore and the product endorsements inside the supermarket.
So if Megamall were an indicator, then Anne Curtis Smith is definitely the It Girl.

This is not a horror movie

You do not want to Lilia Cuntapay at the foot of your bed in the middle of the night. You do not want to see her walking around your house or in the garden wearing a long, white flowy dress.
Unless of course you are her relative and have to live with her or see her on a regular basis.
You may not recognize the name, but the face is one you would, if you have watched a Tagalog horror movie or two.
Lilia Cuntapay is the quintessential movie extra who’s always hired to play the aswang or some other apparition.
Put it this way, the makeup department doesn’t have too work hard to make her look the part.
Now, Cinema One Originals in association with Postmanila present Six Degrees of Separation From Lilian Cuntapay.
Written and directed by Antoinette H. Jadaone, the story follows the life of a “popular” bit player nominated for the first time in her 30-year showbiz career. Wanting to deliver the perfect thank you speech, she writes, re-writes, erases and re-writes again as her everyday encounters, pre-Awards Night jitters, and too many unsolicited advice overwhelm her mind.
On December 3, 2011, Saturday, watch Six Degrees of Separation From Lilia Cuntapay at the UP Film Center’s Cine Adarna. Starts at 7:30 PM.
Tickets at Php 100 only. Contact Rem at (0917) 901-2481 to reserve before they run out.

Special Jury Prize, Cinema One Originals Awards 2011
Best Screenplay, Cinema One Originals Awards 2011
Audience Choice Award, Cinema One Originals Awards 2011
Best Editing, Cinema One Originals Awards 2011
Best Actress (Lilia Cuntapay), Cinema One Originals Awards 2011
Best Supporting Actress (Geraldine Villamil), Cinema One Originals Awards 2011

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Love my bag: Mills Canvas

Bags make me happy. A bag doesn’t have to be expensive, I just have to like it.
For me to like a bag it must be roomy, organized and not too common. It must not be too heavy and should be easy to open and carry around.
I found my Mills Canvas tote at Rockstar in Singapore. Rockstar is tucked inside the top floor of Cineleisure off Orchard Road.

Rockstar at Cineleisure

It specializes in kind of preppy, understated finds, such as Alphabet Bags

Chuvaness x Alphabet Bags

And the sturdy William J. Mills canvas bags.

MIlls Canvas bag

Mills canvas

mills canvas

Mills Canvas bags are like L.L. Bean, but more expensive.
Made in Greenport, New York (at the tip of Long Island’s North Fork) Wm. J. Mills & Co. has been in the business for five generations—first as sailmakers (now a small part of the business) and more recently known as makers of high quality awnings, tents, umbrellas, shelters, and bags, among others.

Mills canvas

Mills Canvas

They were not that cheap, so hoarding was not in the picture. I bought just one simple tote with shoulder handles that I love.

Mills Canvas

It can stand on its own and it packs a LOT

My bag

Comes in many colors, shapes and sizes for men and women

miss canvas

mills canvas

As for me, I’m just happy to have one. :)

HISTORY™ moves to SKYCable Channel 25

Home to the most compelling TV programs that make true-to-life happenings entertaining, HISTORY™ makes the move to SKYCable Channel 25.
HISTORY™, formerly known as The History Channel, brings you a mix of reality shows and documentary programs with fictional and non-fictional historical content, together with speculation about the future.
Seen in more than 80 million households, its programming covers a wide range of periods and topics.
Tune in to Pawn Stars, featuring a family-run pawnshop in Las Vegas, and The Pickers, where Mike Wolfe, owner of Antique Archaeology, and business partner Frank Fritz embark on a mission across America to uncover hidden heirlooms.

Pawn Stars 2

Also on HISTORY™, planet Earth takes the spotlight with exciting encounters featured in reality-based shows like Modern Marvels, Swamp People and Hidden Cities, which takes viewers on a tour of Asia’s undiscovered gems.
Hosted by Anthony Morse, the second season (starts November 23rd at 9 PM) zooms in on a new line-up of countries (including the Philippines) in a bid to uncover some of the continent’s buried relics and untold stories.

Hidden Cities 3

Extremely action-packed and energy-driven, Top Shot and Ice Road Truckers present the trials of tough contenders who beat it out in their struggle to dodge countless challenging and deathly encounters.


Ice Road Truckers chronicles three of the world’s most experienced truck drivers as they take on the frozen wastelands of the Canadian Tundra, racing across the ice in mammoth 18-wheeler trucks to bring lifesaving equipment and supplies to isolated communities.

Ice Road Truckers 2

Combining extraordinary CGI imagery, field exploration, dramatic recreations, and expert interviews with each episode, HISTORY™ creates a thrilling, exploratory and revealing experience for viewers of all ages.
Watch HISTORY on SKYCable Channel 25 • Cablelink Channel 44 • Dream Channel 27 • and Destiny Cable Channel 56.

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