How to style for Muji, Part 1

Not everyone knows I’m a stylist—not a serious professional stylist (meaning: it’s not my main job) but I do style occasionally. I’ve done work for the Philippine Star, Bench and Muji, among others.
Last May and June I did some work for Muji’s New Life event, where I had to create 26 looks for men and women.
Because it was a lot of work, I asked Melvin Mojica to do the men, while my sister Ana assisted me with the women.
Ana, my mini-me is just full of energy :)


First, I wanted to see how others have styled Muji. This is from their iPhone app:

Muji fashion

However, I didn’t want to do “normy” fashion as Muji is already very traditional. I wanted to level it up to show that Muji can be worn in a chic way.
My inspiration was Paris-meets-Tokyo, as in Ludivine Sagnier

Ludivine Sagnier

Inspired by Y-3/Yohji Yamamoto


Inspired by numerous chic girls in Picasso stripes

Chinese Naval Shirt, Sailor's Striped Shirt (2)
French chic

Inspired by my favorite color


Inspired by Rose Bakery at Comme des Garçons


Inspired by a Japanese girl I saw in Ginza, 1985

Irish Ong

The looks were sorted out in baskets—

Styling for Muji

—before the models came to fit, beginning with Jessica Yang

Jessica Yang

Brent Javier


Irish Ong


Robbie Becroft


We took group shots to see how everyone looks as a whole

Group shot

That’s Melvin on the left


Working with Robby Carmona’s team at SAGA, we print out the looks and sequence them for the show over early dinner at Gaudî. Then we go home for a much-needed rest.

Muji sequence

On the day of the show, call time is at 2 PM. I’m 30 minutes late as I’m having a phone emergency at home. My Samsung Galaxy Note is missing! The maids find it under my bed and I make it to Robby Carmona’s set, inside the Muji flagship store at Bonifacio High Street

Muji set

Here’s the technical dress rehearsal only a few hours before the event. I’m in front filming this and Melvin is in the back with the models and dressers.
Here’s my last chance to see what needs tweaking, who needs smaller shirts or bags to carry, and other details I won’t be able to see during the show.

(To be continued)

Why is Star Wars trending?

Trivia: Mark Hamill was one of my childhood crushes.
I was in grade school when the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977. At that time it was considered a high-tech movie then. Now that I see parts of it on YouTube, everything looks like fake toys.
This was Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker back in the day.

Mark Hamill

I don’t know what is up with my old crushes, but they don’t age so gracefully.
Here’s a more recent photo of Mark Hamill. *sad*

Mark Hamill

Last November the Star Wars Moleskines came out

Star Wars x Moleskine

And last week, Comme des Garçons launched its Star Wars collection at Dover Street Market, London.
CDG founder Rei Kawakubo designed the window.

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons
Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

Just this afternoon I saw a few of these pieces at Comme des Garçons Rockwell. I couldn’t resist this cute flight bag.

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

This reminds me of my friend Kathy

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons
Star Wars x Comme des Garçons
Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

Adorable. Who knew Star Wars could be so chic?

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons is at One Rockwell Tower • Homme et Femme at Shangri-La Plaza • Univers at One Rockwell Tower

Mothercare sale!

Mothercare goes on End of Season SALE right now until August 5, 2012.
Take up to 60% off on clothing and 30% off INGLESINA strollers.

Mothercare sale

Visit Mothercare at Abreeza Mall, Davao • Active Fun, Bonifacio High Street • Robinsons Galleria • Greenbelt 5 • SM Masinag • Shangri-la Plaza • Trinoma
To know more, go to

Ang Nawawala premieres at the CCP

Marie Jamora’s first feature film, Ang Nawawala, premieres this Saturday, July 21st, at the Cultural Center’s Main Hall at 3 PM. Ang Nawawala is a finalist in the Cinemalaya Film Festival’s New Breed Full-Length Feature category.
Ang Nawawala

Gibson Bonifacio stopped speaking when he was a child. Now 20 years old, he returns home to Manila from his studies abroad. It’s his first visit in three years and he finds his family trying to keep it together; his mother still hurting from a tragic loss in the past.
Against the backdrop of the vibrant local music scene, his childhood best friend tries to reconnect with him, while he unexpectedly finds a chance at a first, real romantic relationship.
Amidst the holidays, Gibson reconsiders and redefines his relationships with his family, his friends, and with himself.

Stars Dominic Roco • Felix Roco • Dawn Zulueta • Boboy Garrovillo • Annicka Dolonius • Alchris Galura • Mercedes Cabral • Kelvin Yu • Sabrina Man • Marc Abaya • Jenny Jamora.
The film also features performances from some of the best bands and artists in the country, including Sandwich, Pedicab, Itchyworms!, Hannah + Gabi, Flying Ipis, Outerhope, Tarsius, and Ebe Dancel, many of whom wrote original songs for the film.

Screening this July 21-29 at the following venues:


Director: Marie Jamora
Writers: Marie Jamora + Ramon De Veyra
Producers: Bernard Dacanay, Trinka Lat, John Sy, Daphne O. Chiu, Marie Jamora
Line Producer: Daphne O. Chiu
Director of Photography:Ming Kai Leung
Production Designer: Trinka Lat
Stylist: Mara Reyes
Editors: Edsel Abesames & Marie Jamora
Sound Design: Ditoy Aguila
Music: Diego Mapa, Jazz Nicolas, and Mikey Amistoso
Production Company: Brainchild Studios
In association with Indie Pop Films
With the support of Liquidpost • Fluidpost • Gung Ho Films

R.I.P. sale: Häagen-Dazs

Some goodbyes are really sad.
Maybe Häagen-Dazs wants to soften the blow of their impending exit from the Philippines by going on sale.
I wish I had a chest freezer to keep all the ice cream I want to buy.
How sad and happy is this? Happy they’re on sale, and sad for my diet.
Here’s where you can buy Häagen-Dazs ice cream at 50% off till supplies last.



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