They’re back!

Thanks to Malate resident Carlos Celdran, we found out that Chicken ala Kiev was back on Café Adriatico’s menu!
So now we have an excuse to eat there every time we find ourselves in the area.
Like yesterday after the screening of Ang Nawawala at the CCP. Four of us looked forward to early dinner at Café Adriatico despite the storm brewing up—delubyo levels, as Grace put it.
We shared a salad, garlic mushrooms, and spicy gambas for starters. Patty had salpicao for her main course, while Pia, Grace and I each had a plate of the best Chicken Kiev in town.

Chicken ala Kiev
Chicken ala Kiev

We finished this off by sharing Sans Rival, Canonigo and coffee. And I’m hoping to do this again on Tuesday!


To know more about Café Adriatico, click here.

Felix Roco is haunting me

My inner Blanche Dubois will never tire of faces like Felix Roco, who became known when he starred in Pepe Diokno’s debut film, Engkwentro, which won two major awards in the 2009 Venice Film Festival.
These photos, taken by Bianca Balbuena, have that Leopoldo Salcedo kind of feel.

Felix Roco
Felix Roco

Leopoldo Salcedo in his prime


Felix is, in fact, one of Bembol Roco’s twin sons who have followed in his footsteps.
Bembol, a.k.a. Rafael Roco Jr. is best known for his critically acclaimed role as Julio Madiaga in Maynila: Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag.

Bembol Roco

Felix has that boyish Jujiin Samonte look, minus the outlandish costumes

Felix Roco

Felix Roco

Felix Roco

This afternoon I finally saw him onscreen in Marie Jamora’s Cinemalaya entry, Ang Nawawala, where he plays the dead brother of his real-life twin, Dominic Roco (below).

Dominic Roco
Dominic Roco

What’s funny is, Grace, Mich and I were more interested in Felix who plays a supporting role in the movie. I don’t even like earrings. But his face, his voice, are something else. So easy on the eyes.

Felix Roco

Ang Nawawala is a finalist in the Cinemalaya Film Festival’s New Breed Full-Length Feature category and will run until July 29, 2012.
To know more, click HERE.

Do you have what it takes to wear Bench underwear?

Who’s looking forward to the Bench underwear show this September 13 and 14 at the Mall of Asia Arena?
I am! I’m also hoping I can take some friends who are flying in from Bangkok and Hong Kong.
Sorry for posting this so late on a Thursday night, but if you’re fit and up to the challenge, this Sunday there’s an open casting call for underwear models at the Edsa Shangri-La Ballroom beginning 1 PM.
Applicants must be at least 18 years old. Bring a résumé and a headshot (and portfolio if you have one).
Women must be at least 5’7″ tall and men should be 5’10” and up.

Bench go-see

Wanna see what went down at the Bench go-see in 2010? Click HERE to find out.

The panel

How to style for Muji, Part 1

Not everyone knows I’m a stylist—not a serious professional stylist (meaning: it’s not my main job) but I do style occasionally. I’ve done work for the Philippine Star, Bench and Muji, among others.
Last May and June I did some work for Muji’s New Life event, where I had to create 26 looks for men and women.
Because it was a lot of work, I asked Melvin Mojica to do the men, while my sister Ana assisted me with the women.
Ana, my mini-me is just full of energy :)


First, I wanted to see how others have styled Muji. This is from their iPhone app:

Muji fashion

However, I didn’t want to do “normy” fashion as Muji is already very traditional. I wanted to level it up to show that Muji can be worn in a chic way.
My inspiration was Paris-meets-Tokyo, as in Ludivine Sagnier

Ludivine Sagnier

Inspired by Y-3/Yohji Yamamoto


Inspired by numerous chic girls in Picasso stripes

Chinese Naval Shirt, Sailor's Striped Shirt (2)
French chic

Inspired by my favorite color


Inspired by Rose Bakery at Comme des Garçons


Inspired by a Japanese girl I saw in Ginza, 1985

Irish Ong

The looks were sorted out in baskets—

Styling for Muji

—before the models came to fit, beginning with Jessica Yang

Jessica Yang

Brent Javier


Irish Ong


Robbie Becroft


We took group shots to see how everyone looks as a whole

Group shot

That’s Melvin on the left


Working with Robby Carmona’s team at SAGA, we print out the looks and sequence them for the show over early dinner at Gaudî. Then we go home for a much-needed rest.

Muji sequence

On the day of the show, call time is at 2 PM. I’m 30 minutes late as I’m having a phone emergency at home. My Samsung Galaxy Note is missing! The maids find it under my bed and I make it to Robby Carmona’s set, inside the Muji flagship store at Bonifacio High Street

Muji set

Here’s the technical dress rehearsal only a few hours before the event. I’m in front filming this and Melvin is in the back with the models and dressers.
Here’s my last chance to see what needs tweaking, who needs smaller shirts or bags to carry, and other details I won’t be able to see during the show.

(To be continued)

Why is Star Wars trending?

Trivia: Mark Hamill was one of my childhood crushes.
I was in grade school when the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977. At that time it was considered a high-tech movie then. Now that I see parts of it on YouTube, everything looks like fake toys.
This was Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker back in the day.

Mark Hamill

I don’t know what is up with my old crushes, but they don’t age so gracefully.
Here’s a more recent photo of Mark Hamill. *sad*

Mark Hamill

Last November the Star Wars Moleskines came out

Star Wars x Moleskine

And last week, Comme des Garçons launched its Star Wars collection at Dover Street Market, London.
CDG founder Rei Kawakubo designed the window.

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons
Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

Just this afternoon I saw a few of these pieces at Comme des Garçons Rockwell. I couldn’t resist this cute flight bag.

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

This reminds me of my friend Kathy

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons
Star Wars x Comme des Garçons
Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

Adorable. Who knew Star Wars could be so chic?

Star Wars x Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons is at One Rockwell Tower • Homme et Femme at Shangri-La Plaza • Univers at One Rockwell Tower

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