Problems of a blogger

1) First, someone offers me free high-speed internet that was so good, I blogged and raved about it and called it “life-changing”. I raved so much, I know for a fact some people were convinced to get the expensive service.
Three months later, I get a call from them saying they were downgrading my service to 3 MPBS, which I’ve heard is their practice: they let you go on free trial, you sign up, service is good for the first weeks, and then they downgrade you.
After a few months, the 3 MBPS was further downgraded until I could no longer benefit from it, I had to disconnect it.
A year later I was surprised to get a billing for the “free” service I had stopped using for months!
I called them, explained I was offered a freebie, etc. They got their router back. And then two days ago I got a text from them saying they elevated my unpaid bill to their law firm. WTF, I’m not paying for this.

2) I’m having a problem with my wireless landline. The first one conked out so I asked for a replacement unit which was delivered at home while I was out. The replacement unit did not work. It has been more than a month I have no wireless landline and they seem to have forgotten about me.
Why should I pay the bill for a service that isn’t working? I called them just now and they promise to send the new unit today.
EDIT: The new unit just arrived!! Friends, I have a landline again, same number that starts with a 3. Yehey!!! Thank you very much!!

3) I signed up for Wi-Tribe 4G last November as they were offering 4 mbps for Php 1998/month. I just walked in at Shang, paid cash and was able to bring home the unit that same night. How convenient. When I got home I plugged it in and it worked but I got about 1 mbps. Upon talking to them on the phone, I was told that 1 mbps was just a test and they would upgrade my account to 4 mbps. OK, here’s what I’m getting by the way:


Thank you very much.
P.S. Prior to writing this blog entry, I had been tweeting to @witribeph and somebody actually called me back and promised to send a technician last week. I waited all Saturday and nobody came. Hence, the blog entry. Honestly, if you go the normal route in Manila, nothing will ever happen to your life. Hence, the blog entry. Good luck to my problems.

Tilt x Mist this Sunday at Ronac

French graffiti artists Tilt and Mist open their two-man show titled Thrilla Manila this Sunday at the Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Art Center.


Up for sale will be paintings and giclee prints by Tilt incorporating Filipino icons such as the Burger Machine gnome and the genius Philippine flag covered with bubble letters that spell “Reklamo Ng Relamo” or “complain and complain” while Milt presents more abstract paintings rendered in spray paint and acrylic.









Elmo by Tilt

Thrilla Manila opens December 11, 2011 Sunday at 6 PM and will be on view until January 3, 2012.
Secret Fresh is at Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.
Open Monday to Saturday from 2-10 PM and Sunday from 1-6 PM.
For more information call 570-9815 local 7 or email


I normally don’t get it when young people say “fuck my life” but right now I am so feeling like that. I do apologize to the nuns and priests who read my blog. I really don’t want to say that as I believe in positivity. But right now I’m having a really bad time.
It started last week when I got this email telling me to get an iCloud. My husband had also asked me to update all our iPods. Since our music is in two Macs, I initially thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could sync all our music into the iCloud, so I don’t have to go back and fourth turning on the other Mac? (Take note: iCloud doesn’t actually consolidate your music, so it’s completely useless.)
It’s such a pain that Apple doesn’t allow you to share stuff when this household has three Macs, two iPads, about 10 iPods, and one iPhone.


To get the iCloud, I found out I needed to upgrade to Lion OS, which I paid for.
Then I got iCloud. This took many, many hours to install. When I was done I found out my iPhoto wasn’t working, so I purchased an iPhoto upgrade. I don’t even know how much I spent. So my iTunes money is gone.
When that didn’t work, I decided to delete my iPhoto and all its contents, as well as many applications I no longer needed. All in all I deleted 65,000 files and more than 8,000 photos which were backed up in a Picture Keeper.
The whole process took about five days. I can’t tell you how many times I had to restart because the Internet has been erratic in the entire Philippines.
This explains the lack of updates on my blog. So today I finally allowed myself to break down and cry. I called the Mac expert from the A.Shop who is coming here now from Makati. God bless Erwin.
I have calmed down while writing this quick post.
I would’ve wanted to blame and kill Steve Jobs, but he’s already dead.
So yes, I am having a bad day. Fuck my life. I need a Coke and something else. I’m going to the kitchen.

Pesteng Ehem

Leeroy New’s Psychopomo’s Reef installation at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) looks like a pesteng ehem (*wink* @jujiin @michdulce ).



You may have spotted it at the BGC Offsite Gallery on 28th Street and 7th Avenue and wondered what the hell that was. Being a fan of Leeroy New’s works, I immediately guessed he had something to do with it.

Psychopomp Creature

Not too long ago, Leeroy had the honor of having his sculptural top worn by Lady Gaga. Don’t believe incredible stories that the top was a collaboration between New and someone else. Leeroy solely created the top which was stylized by the House of Gaga. If anything, it is a collaboration between Leeroy New and the House of Gaga.


On December 13, 2011, Tuesday, you are invited to the official launch of  Psychopomp’s Reef at 5 PM. Come in orange and enjoy a special performance by the Sipat Lawin Ensemble.


In Greek mythology, psychopomp literally means a “guide of souls.” In different religions, they are spirits, angels or deities that guide newly deceased souls to the afterlife. Visual artist Leeroy New takes on this role—as a guide of sorts—towards a vibrant landscape at the art strip in Bonifacio Global City.


Psychopomp’s Reef is the first inaugural exhibit of the BGC Offsite Gallery, a new program managed by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI), which aims to showcase works by young contemporary artists.
From afar, Leeroy New’s organic bright orange “growth” stands out against the flat terrain like large coral clusters. Up close it is actually made out of plastic conduit tubes and cable ties.


This direction, however, is not new to the young artist. Since completing his Fine Arts degree at the University of the Philippines in 2007, he has been exploring the notion of the “hybrid” in materials chosen and the themes and forms created.
This BAFI project was managed in collaboration with Art Cabinet, Inc. with the assistance of Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation.
Psychopomp’s Reef will be at the BGC Offsite Gallery until February 2012. The public is invited.

Photos: Everywhere We Shoot

Our hero:

My son and I had the pleasure of taking part in Ayala Mall’s INSPIRE event last night at Greenbelt 5.
Ben and his friend Emilio Aquino were invited by the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation to be onstage with the Black Eyed Peas’
Not a stage mom (more like harassed mom), I wouldn’t have encouraged it due to my packed agenda—if not for whom I truly admire not only for what he’s achieved in the international music industry, but also for his sincerity in embracing his Filipino roots and helping improve the lives of his countrymen.
Well that, plus Ben really likes the Black Eyed Peas.


Spot my kid: he’s the one trying to catch a piece of confetti in his mouth.


So Ben thought they would be asked to dance onstage. He was a bit disappointed that all they had to do was stand and wave a yellow balloon—but of course, that didn’t stop Emilio from doing his trademark jiggy at 3:15.

Did the Coke OFW video make you cry? Listen to the words of this inspiring music video made for the We Can Be Anything Nationwide/Global Education Advocacy Campaign.
Born of a partnership between the Foundation and the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation, the campaign was conceived after (a.k.a. Allan Pineda) expressed his desire to help improve the education situation in the Philippines.
From his own experience he knew that education is the only long-term ticket to a better life. Unfortunately, millions among the youth are deprived of this ticket to opportunity or drop out of school for a variety of reasons.

To find out how you can help, go to

Céleteque: the last lucky batch

Céleteque bag

Here’s the last batch of winners of Céleteque’s doctor’s bag loaded with the full range of Dermoscience products.

Nov 28: Julien Dio of Old Balara, QC
Nov 29: Maria Jobelle Lopez of Sampaloc, Manila
Nov 30: Carmencita Watkins of Cainta, Rizal
Dec 1: Pio Lacanaria IV of Makati
Dec 2: Maris Villareal of Cebu
Dec 3: Charyne Tatad of Mandaluyong
Dec 4: Mary Precious Madrid of Muntinlupa
Dec 5: Rocel Villasis of Pasig
Dec 6: Aldrin Liwanag of Bulacan

How to claim:
1) Metro Manila winners must print-out the email notice from Innovitelle.
2) Present this along with one valid photo ID, Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM at Innovitelle Office, 2/F Bonaventure Plaza, Greenhills, San Juan (across from Greenhills Shopping Center).
Look for Sheryl, Vita or Roan.
4) Prizes may be claimed within 60 days of publication. Prizes not claimed within this period will be forfeited in favor of Innovitelle.
5) Provincial winners will receive their prizes via courier.

Thank you Céleteque for the generous giveaway!
To know more about Céleteque Dermoscience, click here.

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