I’m kind of shocked to see a look book that looks just like me—the baggy clothes, the no-color, baggy sensibility, the non-smiling model. The pieces from La Garçonne look like my uniform, from the boy blazer
La Garconne

To the basic tees
La Garconne
La Garconne
La Garconne

The mariniere tee
La Garconne

The slip-on platform shoes

La Garconne

And the looks

La Garconne

La Garconne

La Garconne

La Garconne

La Garconne

La Garconne

La Garçonne In-house Projects

Mochiko for moms at Pepper Lunch!

The first time we ever tried Mochiko was when they delivered two boxes of frozen ice cream balls wrapped in glutinous rice flour to the house.
My sister Ana is obsessed with vanilla Mochikos and hoards them at Mercato Centrale.
Then, one trip to Tagaytay, we saw the cute little Mochiko store at the Cliffhouse and grabbed them ice cream balls.


That’s when Jeroen thought about bringing them to Pepper Lunch—they are currently available at Rockwell.
But this Mother’s Day, the first 50 moms dining at any of eight Pepper Lunch branches will get a free Mochiko of their choice. So come early and give your mom the coolest treat of all.

2012 PL - Mother's day promo

Promo available on May 13, 2012 only at Pepper Lunch Rockwell • Shangri-La Plaza • Alabang Town Center • Greenbelt 5 • SM Megamall A • Mall of Asia • Robinson’s Place, Ermita • Food Choices at Trinoma.
To get regular updates, Follow @PepperPhil on Twitter.

Congratulations to 10 winners of Dove Hair Therapy!

1,183 entries later, ten winners were picked by electronic raffle via
dove numbers

They are:
Kirstie Kaye Tino of Camarines Sur
Margarette Limyuen of Santiago City
Marilou Francisco of Las Piñas
Drew Sha of Quezon City
Maricar Roxanie Dilag of Pasig
Gessa Marie Condino of Cebu
Karen May Mira of Makati
Aika Tolentino of Alabang
June Izabelle Roque of Antipolo
Karen Mata of Quezon City

Each will receive a Dove Damage Therapy Kit

dove promo

Which includes: (a bonus) Dove soap, Treatment Mask, Two-Step Treatment, Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner, Daily Treatment Conditioner, an Overnight Treatment, and Dove hair serum

dove promo

Winners, please check your direct messages on Twitter with instructions on how to verify your entries.
To know more about Dove Hair Therapy, click HERE.

Why I never fly domestic

Part 1: Cathay Pacific/NAIA

In 2005, we were invited to a Louis Vuitton event in Hong Kong. Four of us were booked on a Cathay Pacific flight departing at 12:30 noon from NAIA 1.
Alex Vergara and I agreed to carpool on the way to airport and arrived around 10 AM at the airport.
Upon checking in at Business Class, we were told that the 11 AM flight prior to our flight wasn’t full—would we like to take that instead of the 12:30?
Alex and I looked at each other and said why not?
We had barely enough time to plant our asses in the lounge as were nearly boarding.
The other two in our party, however, arrived at NAIA around 11:30 AM, only to find out that our original 12:30 noon flight was delayed to a much later flight.
Alex and I were lucky! Arriving in Hong Kong earlier than planned meant we had extra time to relax before attending cocktails that night.

Cathay Pacific 747-400 at NAIA Terminal 1
Photo: Paulo Ordoveza

Part 2: Singapore Airlines/Changi

Jeroen and I were checking in for a 2:10 PM flight to Manila when the ground staff looked at our tickets and told us our fight was actually booked for the next day. Say whuuuu????
My head started to spin. How could I make this mistake? Our flight was booked for July 22, not 21.
What do we do now? Do we go back to the city and try to book a hotel? What do we do for the next 24 hours?
I did not say a word. I didn’t freak out like Claudine Barretto. I let Jeroen talk to the Singapore girl, who then told us the 2:10 flight wasn’t full—she could actually squeeze us in today!
Whew! I can’t tell you how relieved we were to be able to go home that same day.

Singapore Airlines
Photo: Jerry Wong

Part 3: Philippine Airlines/Caticlan

Luckily this did not happen to me or Claudine Barretto. I’m sharing it because it could happen to you and PAL needs to know something is really wrong with their customer service.
Read about what happened to Roxanne Lu as she tried to board a Manila-bound Philippine Airlines flight from Caticlan: it’s called Airline Bullying.

Hooked on Revenge

I gave in to reader pressure and downloaded 19 episodes of ABC’s new hit series Revenge via
To be honest, the show isn’t all that great, but there’s no denying that I finished 19 episodes in only three sittings.
At first I didn’t want to watch because the main character is a contrabida (read: evil person) and I can’t stand stressful shows with killings, kidnappings, and plotting.

On the first night I watched a few shows. Second night, a few more. And on the third night the marathon ran up till 4 in the morning. I actually just wanted to get it over with because the show is mega stressful.
I’ll tell you why I continued: one of the lead characters is just my type.
British actor Josh Bowman plays Daniel Grayson, the JFK Jr-esque heir to the Grayson fortune.


Here’s what I think about the cast and characters:

Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) is the main character.
As a nine-year-old girl, her father David was framed for a horrific crime by the Grayson family and was killed in prison. Emily never saw her father again. Through the years she gets to know the truth behind her father’s misfortunes. She comes back 17 years later to take down everyone who contributed.


It’s not clear why she’s mega-rich, what her net worth is, or how she can spend 20 million dollars like it’s 20,000 pesos.
She loves to speak in poetry while lisping, and can be heard saying:
“Amanda Clarke no longer exthith.”
“When I wath a child my father wath framed for a crime he didn’t commit.”
“We all have theecrets we lock away from the reth of the world.”
“Truth ith a battle of pertheption. People only thee what they’re prepared to confront.”
“A conflicted heart feedth on doubt and confusion.”
“Did he fixth the phone?”
“No, I’m just enjoying the thunrithe (sunrise).”
“Yeah, I’m thorry. I’m juth getting uthed to thomeone thleeping nexth to me.”

It’s a good thing she is neither drop-dread gorgeous nor annoying. It isn’t clear whether she is good or evil and I neither hate nor like her, but I hope that she ends up with Daniel.
She’s sharp and intelligent and I love it when she puts down the psychotic Tyler Barrol in an argument about Aruba.


Victoria Grayson (played by Madeleine Stowe) plays the matriarch of the powerful Grayson clan.
Some say Gretchen Barretto is her peg, some say Lucy Torres Gomez 20 years from now.


Madeleine Stowe plays really well because I hate her to death. I hate that she always smiles, even while saying something evil. Planning one event after another seems to be her hobby.
Queen of the Hamptons, her throne is the nicest chair in the house.


She doesn’t ever wear pambahay (house clothes) and has a preference for Herve Leger.
She also has grey kili-kili (sorry po….)

Screen Shot 2012-05-06 at 7.15.40 PM

Daniel Grayson (played by Josh Bowman) is Victoria’s golden son who falls deeply in love with Emily.
I find him so adorable, he reminds me of a young Peter Lawford with his smiling eyes and the British accent I can only imagine as he speaks American in the show.


He doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. You just want to take care of him.


He is awfully sweet to Emily, it just kills me because it isn’t clear whether she really loves him or not.


Jack Porter (played by Nick Wechsler) is the other man in Emily’s life.
Unknown to Jack, Emily is his long-lost childhood friend, who was taken away when Emily’s father was arrested.
Jack’s peg seems to be Rufus Humphrey of Gossip Girl.
Even though he is the nicest guy, I don’t want Emily to end up with him, simply because I find him too short. :(


Declan Porter (played by Connor Paolo) is Jack’s brother who’s in love with Daniel’s sister Charlotte.
I cringe every time I hear the name Declan. But I’ve liked Connor Paolo since Gossip Girl. It just takes a little getting used to seeing Eric van der Woodsen making out with a girl.


Charlotte Grayson (played by Christa B. Allen) is the Greyson heiress, sweet, pretty and only 17.
She dumps her rich boyfriend to go out with busboy Declan Porter against her mother’s wishes.


Nolan Ross (played by Gabriel Mann) is the bestest friend any girl could have: he’s gay and a hacker.
He’s the 7th richest billionaire according to Forbes magazine’s youngest billionaire, having made his fortune in the techie world. Nolan is Emily’s strongest ally in seeking revenge for her father and I think he’s all right, if you can get past the apple-cut hair.


There are many other characters I didn’t mention, but get the feel of the show by watching this trailer.

Can’t wait for the next three episodes before season finale. :(
To know more about Revenge, click here.

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