The best sushi in the world

“You have to love your job. You must fall in love with your work.”

Before Jeroen and I got married, we spent our spare time watching rented laser discs and VHS tapes at home (yes, this was the late ’90s).
To this day I look forward to our movie dates at home, though renting movies outside is no longer necessary.
I enjoy watching movies on my Mac, with the lights out, the freezing aircon, and hiding under a blanket.
Yesterday my dad gave us a copy of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, about an 85 year-old sushi chef, Jiro Ono, considered by many as the world’s greatest sushi chef.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi SG poster

Ten minutes into the film, Jeroen and I felt very much moved by documentary, which also made me seriously crave for sushi. Watching it reminded me of eating sushi in Ginza, where tears rolled down my cheeks when the chef put too much wasabi on my food.
Such a thing would never happen in Sukiyabashi Jiro, where sushi is prepared to perfection.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

The 10-seat, sushi-only restaurant is located in a Ginza subway station. But despite its humble appearance, it is the first sushi restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars. A three-star Michelin rating means it is worth traveling to that country to eat in that restaurant.


A typical meal here costs 30,000 yen (or Php 16,000) for 20 pieces of sushi—all served within 15 minutes. But despite its top-dollar price, the restaurant is always booked—you need to reserve at least one month in advance.

Jiro dreams of sushi
Jiro dreams of sushi

Watching the film made me think of all the humble Japanese workers I’ve seen around Tokyo doing their day-to-day jobs, where even the simplest of tasks—such as gift wrapping in a department store—is performed with utmost care and skill—something us Filipinos could learn from.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi is director David Gelb’s first feature film. It teaches the importance of work and repetition, family, and the art of perfection, while chronicling Jiro’s life as an unparalleled success in the culinary world.

Jiro dreams of sushi

Jiro’s life wasn’t easy. He practically raised himself when his parents left him alone at age 7. In order to survive, he started working very young and very hard.
Though he admits having been absent during his two sons’ growing up years, he made up for lost time by training them, pushing them out the door, and making sure to leave them a legacy of hard work, pride and very high standards.
If you love sushi, Japan, and its lovely people, don’t miss this.

What’s Benchingko Films?

You may have seen these billboards on EDSA/Guadalupe and like me, wondered what they’re all about.

3 Benchingko PERYA
4 Benchingko KAMA
5 Benchingko HORSE POWER
2 Benchingko STAR TEACHER

To celebrate its 25th year in the retail industry, BENCH clothing and lifestyle brand, together with their advertising agency, TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno, have released a couple of trailers on BenchTV, the official YouTube account of BENCH.
Piolo Pascual, Coco Martin, Lovi Poe, Bella Flores, and Lucy Torres-Gomez each star in a short film with genres ranging from serious drama to musical/comedy. And to officially launch these films, a red carpet premiere night is scheduled on Friday July 27, 2012 at the Mall of Asia. Watch.


Just say NO to fake ink

Last January 2010, HP convinced me to trade in my beloved Epson printer for an HP Photosmart Premium.
While I was very hesitant to give up my trusted printer, the idea of having a wireless one appealed to me.
So I gave in, accepted this, and fell in love.

HP Photosmart Premium

It printed beautifully without much problems. But by May 2011, I had already spent 25,000 on HP ink alone. I wish I could trade the empty cartridges for something, like they do at MAC cosmetics, where you can trade in six empty foundation compacts for a free lipstick (but only in richer countries like Hong Kong and Singapore).
Since HP doesn’t have a program like that, I actually took my empties to the HP office in Singapore for recycling.

Php 25,000 worth of used ink

I tried to find other ways to save on ink costs and found an offer on Unfortunately I misread the description and failed to read the word “compatible.” I thought I was buying Hewlett Packard ink. I was really surprised to receive a ton of fake ink, which worked in the beginning but ultimately destroyed my printer heads.

Fake ink ruined my printer heads

It was so bad, I ended up throwing out even genuine HP ink that refused to work because the printer heads were clogged.
My printer is currently being repaired. Luckily, HP gifted me with an improved version of their wireless printer. Not only does it print photo-quality pictures and documents, it also scans and photocopies whatever you need at home.


The good news is, it comes with four ink cartridges (instead of five), with a more affordable price tag (black ink is Php 390 and cyan/magenta/yellow are Php 260 each, instead of the Php 500++ I used to pay for the other model).

Cheaper ink!

The printer itself costs only Php 7,900. I just installed it today—no need to read instructions as I’m quite used to the HP setup.

New printer!

As for the other printer I refuse to give up, that’s going to my new apartment which should be occupiable in a couple of months (I hope!).
To know more about HP wireless printers, click here.

They’re back!

Thanks to Malate resident Carlos Celdran, we found out that Chicken ala Kiev was back on Café Adriatico’s menu!
So now we have an excuse to eat there every time we find ourselves in the area.
Like yesterday after the screening of Ang Nawawala at the CCP. Four of us looked forward to early dinner at Café Adriatico despite the storm brewing up—delubyo levels, as Grace put it.
We shared a salad, garlic mushrooms, and spicy gambas for starters. Patty had salpicao for her main course, while Pia, Grace and I each had a plate of the best Chicken Kiev in town.

Chicken ala Kiev
Chicken ala Kiev

We finished this off by sharing Sans Rival, Canonigo and coffee. And I’m hoping to do this again on Tuesday!


To know more about Café Adriatico, click here.

Felix Roco is haunting me

My inner Blanche Dubois will never tire of faces like Felix Roco, who became known when he starred in Pepe Diokno’s debut film, Engkwentro, which won two major awards in the 2009 Venice Film Festival.
These photos, taken by Bianca Balbuena, have that Leopoldo Salcedo kind of feel.

Felix Roco
Felix Roco

Leopoldo Salcedo in his prime


Felix is, in fact, one of Bembol Roco’s twin sons who have followed in his footsteps.
Bembol, a.k.a. Rafael Roco Jr. is best known for his critically acclaimed role as Julio Madiaga in Maynila: Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag.

Bembol Roco

Felix has that boyish Jujiin Samonte look, minus the outlandish costumes

Felix Roco

Felix Roco

Felix Roco

This afternoon I finally saw him onscreen in Marie Jamora’s Cinemalaya entry, Ang Nawawala, where he plays the dead brother of his real-life twin, Dominic Roco (below).

Dominic Roco
Dominic Roco

What’s funny is, Grace, Mich and I were more interested in Felix who plays a supporting role in the movie. I don’t even like earrings. But his face, his voice, are something else. So easy on the eyes.

Felix Roco

Ang Nawawala is a finalist in the Cinemalaya Film Festival’s New Breed Full-Length Feature category and will run until July 29, 2012.
To know more, click HERE.

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