A Life in a Day by Jolly Feliciano

I don’t know what is wrong with me. Part of this short film made me cry a little.
A terminally ill young boy is confined in the four walls of his hospital room. He imagines playing outside with some kids and meets a girl at the playground. He imagines being well, growing up, and then we see what kind of life he would have if only he recovers—a life most of us will have.
We’ve seen our grandparents go through it, our parents, us, and then our kids.
Since I became a mom ten years ago, it feels like my life zoomed so fast and all of a sudden I am dealing with white hair, weight gain, tiredness.
Written and directed by commercial director Jolly Feliciano, A Life in a Day is one of five digital short films or “sunshorts” commissioned by Sun Life Financial to interpret the brand’s promise that life is brighter under the Sun.

Sunshorts are all about the slices of life that makes us cherish every moment and asks the questions: Why wait to do the things you want/need to do? How do you know you’ll have time to do all of it? And how much time is enough?
I was 21 years old when I first bought life insurance from a co-worker at the Daily Globe (my first job).
I took a second policy a few years later, which I’m still paying for now. I know it’s not a pleasant thought but have you ever thought about what will happen to your loved ones if you go first?
Something to think about if you’re a parent.

Sun Life invites you to know how life can be brighter and see the rest of the Sunshorts at http://www.experiencethesun.com.ph.

To know about Sun Life’s flyaway promo to San Francisco, USA, click HERE.

Celebrate 15 years of Cibo with 1997 prices

I can still remember the first time I experienced Cibo at its very first location—near the future Landmark walkway in Glorietta 2.
Our friend was raving about Margarita Fores’ sandwiches and her price points. I ordered the chicken sandwich, which I still enjoy today. 15 years later, my kids love Cibo. It’s always Tagliata di Manzo, Aglio Rosmarino for the boys.
As for me, I’ll have a red grape shake, spinach dip, mushroom rice, four-cheese pizza, or Farfalle alla Genovese.
This August 15-21, 2012, Cibo invites you to celebrate its 15th anniversary by offering popular items at 1997 prices:

August 15: “Te Freddo at P40!”
15 AUG 2012 - TE FREDDO

August 16: “Spinaci Zola at P85!”

August 17: “Uva Nera at P50!”
17 AUG 2012 - UVA NERA

August 18: “Crema di Zucca at P95!”

August 19: “Insalata di Mare at P150!”

August 20: “Penne al Telefono at P175!”

August 21: “Tagliata di Manzo, Aglio Rosmarino at P195!”


1. Promo duration: 15-21 August 2012.
2. A chosen item from the Cibo menu will be selling at its price in 1997 for a specific day.
3. The “1997 price” is valid only on the date indicated, and for dine-in transactions only.
4. Other choices of food and/or beverages ordered, except the featured product of the day, will be sold at regular prices. A maximum of three (3) orders per transaction for Spinaci Zola, Crema di Zucca, Insalata di Mare, Penne al Telefono, and Tagliata di Manzo will be allowed.
5. No minimum purchase is required; and no bill-sharing will be allowed.
6. This promotion is available at all Cibo outlets except Cibo at the Mind Museum.
7. Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT.
8. This promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions. It is also not valid for use with senior citizens’ discounts and the Magna Carta for the disabled.
Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5367 Series 2012


Siwon and Dong Hae for BENCH

So I almost got into a Robert Blair Carabuena kind of scuffle today at Trinoma.
Keri and I were invited to see Korean pop stars Siwon and Dong Hae of Super Junior, who are the newest BENCH endorsers.
Traffic was insane going to Trinoma. You know what they say about Manila traffic—it’s instant. Just add water.

Keri and I arrived shortly after 4. We were rushing in our heels (Keri) and wooden platforms (me).
The crowd was so thick at the activity center, it was hard to tell where we could squeeze in to enter.
Keri said last time, she passed through the side when Kim Hyun Joong was here also for Bench, so we ran to the left side and found an opening.

But then a bouncer stopped us. I started out friendly but the bouncer would not budge. To make a long story short it could’ve turned into a Robert Blair scene, except I don’t hit people on the face.
I was trying to tell him we are guests of Bench, and he kept pushing me with his big tummy (he gives a new meaning to the word “bouncer”) and saying “trabaho lang po” and exagg things like “wag mong hawakan yan, baka ma-electrocute ka.”
I was frustrated because he was insisting we go around to the main entrance, which was thick with fans, it would be impossible to see anyone from Bench.

Good thing Keri spotted Bryan Lim of Bench. I called him up and he brought us in.
After all that stress, Keri and I got the best seats in the house—right in front of the stage.

Si Won and Dong Hae for Bench

Good thing we were early. We sat with the lovely Bench family.

Si Won and Dong Hae for Bench
Si Won and Dong Hae for Bench

Behind us were thousands of excited fans. They were rather loud, I had to make earplugs out of Kleenex.
Next time I will bring real earplugs. (These people are louder than Tears For Fears fans!)

Si Won and Dong Hae for Bench

Si Won and Dong Hae for Bench

There was even a lola fan on the upper floor, whom they showed on the TV screens. Adorable.

Si Won and Dong Hae for Bench

High-tech si Lola

Si Won and Dong Hae for Bench

Finally, Siwon and Dong Hae came out. Watch them cover their ears.

For those who don’t know, Siwon and Donghae are two members of the phenomenal Super Junior band of South Korea


From what I gathered, Bench picked the cutest ones :)
Siwon was recently photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for V Man magazine, so you know he’s hot property


And here he is in BENCH

Siwon for Bench
Siwon for Bench

Between the two, I find Dong Hae cuter in person

Donghae and Siwon for Bench Spring-Summer 2012-01-1
Donghae for Bench

Sharing my photos from the Trinoma event. I know the fans would love these.

Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench

I love the hair. Filipino boys need to realize hair is so important. You don’t have to be handsome, sometimes hair makes all the difference.

Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench

They gave signed T-shirts and posters to lucky fans

Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench
Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench

So adorable

Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench

I wonder what happened to that water bottle

Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench
Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench

They were awfully sweet to the fans. What I loved was when Dong Hae told them not to love any other boy band, which made the fans scream.
Actually the fans scream at anything. If one of the boys sneezed, that would make the fans would scream too.
Finally, it was over. Dong Hae and Siwon posed for a parting shot

Dong Hae and Si Won for Bench

They exited, and then they came back to take a souvenir photo, which Dong Hae tweeted

Guess who’s in the picture?


It was great to be part of the K-Pop scene for an afternoon. The fans are amazing.
Thank you Bench for having us!

Tears for Fears, the 2nd time around

After Tears For Fears’ hugely successful concert in Manila last May 2010, it was inevitable that they would come back for more—and I knew I wanted to be there again.
As soon as they sold tickets online, I was there with my credit card. I bought 5 patron tickets and printed them out at home. Yes, we are high-tech now. No need to deal with SM ticket sellers equipped with MS-DOS.


On August 10, our group left Pasig at 6:30 PM and arrived at Araneta at 7:15 with lots of time to eat. I was starving.
All the restaurants were full. I had forgotten to make a reservation of Café Bola where we normally hang out before concerts.
We ended up at the food court of Gateway Mall. Then at 8 PM we made our way slowly and carefully to the Smart Araneta Coliseum as it started raining cats and dogs.
Per Sorensen was already singing when we arrived.
I have never been a fan of Fra Lippo Lippi but I really enjoyed their set that night. Per Sorensen sounds amazing live and exactly like the ’80s.

Per Sorensen

Jeroen and I were delighted to see his son on keyboards—simply adorable. I love that this young man can appreciate his father’s music and hopefully share it with younger generations.

Tears For Fears Manila 2012

Fra Lippo Lippi back in the day. You can see where the son gets the hair :)


They were warmly received, followed by another front act we didn’t know about. It gave us time to go to the loo, before Tears For Fears finally came onstage at 9:45 PM.
This was the full-house crowd on the first night, as captured by photographer Magic Liwanag.

Tears for Fears

And this is what greeted Tears For Fears back in Manila. WILD!

So sorry I had to stop the video because it’s hard to enjoy what’s live in front of you when you’re minding a tiny camera. Here’s another point of view from the second night, and it is just as insane!

Curt Smith looked well-preserved and lololicious

Curt Smith

While Roland Orzabal and I need to see Dr. Belo for ulthera

Roland Orzabal

That does not change the fact that I adore him.

And I love that he had this big ass fan right in front of him, for that windblown effect

Tears For Fears Manila 2012

Watch this

The second time around was not as phenomenal as their concert last May 10.
Just the same, Tears For Fears, minamahal ka namin.

Tears For Fears Manila 2012

But if you do come back, please don’t start at 9:45 because we are all getting old.
After 30 minutes I started to feel low batt and sat through half of the songs. I felt like a grandma. I could just close my eyes, feel the shivers and go back the ’80s.

Clueless, 1986

Like I said, I’m so grateful to God for having me live through the ’80s. They were the best times, and no one can take that away from us.
Thank you Ovation Productions for bringing them here. And thank you Magic Liwanag for sharing the pics.

Purple with rage

OMG. I find traffic enforcers a hassle too (especially the ones that pull you over for bribes). But this one’s a bit much for me.
“TV5 producers chanced upon a motorist—identified as Robert Blair Carabuena, a resourcing supervisor at Philip Morris International—manhandling an on-duty MMDA traffic enforcer. The incident took place at Capitol Hills Drive corner Tandang Sora in Quezon City on Saturday.
In his LinkedIN profile, Carabuena is listed as an alumnus of Ateneo de Manila University and an “experienced recruitment executive.”
As of this posting, Carabuena has refused to talk to TV5 regarding the incident.”
(He needs to talk to a lawyer.)


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