Ketna Patel

SINGAPORE—I first spotted a very colorful Ketna Patel chair at All Dressed Up during a press event here last year and wanted to visit her showroom today, but with three boys to take care of, I simply had no time.
The British-Indian mixed-media pop artist is currently based in Singapore where she has been a permanent resident since 1996.
I have a feeling I can’t afford her, but I’ll make sure to visit next time I’m in Singapore (though I don’t know when that will be cause I’m sara).

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

ketna patel

Ketna Patel Studio
35 Jalan Puteh Jerneh, Singapore 278063
Tel: +(65) 6479 3736
Mobile: +(65) 9735 0901

Size matters

SINGAPORE—I took it as a sign of aging when I passed by the outside of Topshop at Ion Orchard and felt really bad seeing the huge store, knowing I would be disappointed.
As a rule when traveling, I don’t enter stores we already have in Manila—such as the usual Topshop/Mango/Zara.
I still do enter Muji because there are more choices abroad. I check out Uniqlo, but H&M is too crazy for me. Plus I’m too old.
As someone who made her own clothes in college, I don’t really enjoy looking at massive collections of clothes anyone can buy. I also hate the fact that I am a Large in Zara and XL in Muji.
From Ion Orchard I walked all the way to the Hilton Hotel (well, it aint that far) in search of clothes that would fit me.
I entered the newly opened Swedish label store Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair—this one


Not this one

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repairs: Goodge Street

where everything is black and flowy. After choosing four things to try, I settled for a very soft and flowy knit top with an interesting, ghostly pattern



I was confused because the size ticket said XXS—a size I haven’t fitted into since 4th grade


Maybe I am an XXS according to Swedish standards. The only Swedish friend I had, was after all, 6’6″.
Fashion is basically slim pickins in Singapore. Thank God there’s a Club 21, which is currently 50% off everything. (I bought nothing.)
For the rich with no personal style, there’s Club 21 Style Services


Last stop: Comme des Garçons, where I am either Small or Medium


There was a lovely skirt which as a bit loose on the waist, but the last piece so I took it na.


Size: Medium. Thank you very much. :)


Day two

Hello, I’m bored na!
After lunch at Paragon, we took the boys to Giordano Kids and Toys R’Us. Then the boys hit the hotel pool for the second time today while I shopped till I dropped. It didn’t take long as I didn’t buy much. I was just tired from walking.
I got stuff at Sephora, Kinokuniya, Takashimaya, Watson’s, Forever 21, agnés b. I covered a few other stores like Muji and Rockstar and bought nothing. In short, I am bored.
I even saw leaf pie at Takashimaya and had no desire (read: sawa).



We still have until Friday to entertain the boys and hopefully make the trip more fun for them. I seriously have to explore other countries. I am bored with Hong Kong and Singapore. Parang Greenbelt lang (no offence).

Hello Singapore!

We’re back.
This trip was planned months ago and for some reason we could only get a booking to depart at 5:10 PM.
Left the house at 2:30 PM with one hour to spare at the Singapore Airlines lounge. I know it was the day after Christmas, so the male staff working at the lounge were very creepy and oversolicitous, like they were expecting a tip or pamasko. I think Singapore Airlines needs to know how creepy they are. I had no more pesos on me as we just had enough money for travel and airport taxes, so even if I was tempted to tip them, I didn’t.
The plane was an Airbus and not a 777 as I originally booked, so I was kind of scared. But Singapore Airlines has a good track record, so….

Singapore Airlines

I prayed a lot and read four magazines while the boys ate. This was Jeroen’s starter

Jeroen's food

I don’t normally eat on the plane, but I it was 7 PM and my last meal was at 2 PM. There was grilled tapa on the menu. Not bad at all. Jeroen helped me eat this.

Grilled beef tapa, Singapore Airlines

Could not resist an extra serving of garlic bread = busog

Garlic bread, Singapore Airlines

We landed safely. First to leave the plane

First to leave the plane

No wonder Changi is one of the world’s best airports. Simple yet lovely

Changi waiting area

The kids loved the indoor jungle

The boys loved the airport "jungle"

We took the free shuttle to the hotel

Quincy Christmas

Here’s the room


The bed


The bathroom


The coffee


The welcoming committee


I fell asleep reading Time Out Singapore and saw this woman on the back page

Her name is Tae

Her name is Tae, how sad :(

Her name is Tae


Posting this for my dad and Tito Greg and Tito Ronny.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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