Cotton On opens at Megamall this Saturday

As a frequent visitor to Singapore, I can’t help but notice how packed Cotton On stores are over there.
No wonder, when they go on sale, they really go on sale. Check out Cotton On prices (in Singapore dollars) during the Great Singapore Sale in 2009.

Cotton On, Wisma Atria

Because of their affordable prices and easy-to-wear pieces, the Australian clothing brand is very popular among Filipinos traveling or living abroad. Only a matter of time before it hit the Philippines.
Last September 5, the BENCH group invited me to preview their first Cotton On store at Mall of Asia, before they opened to the public on September 7, 2012.

Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia

Here’s what I spotted: cool tops—just flip the hangtag and see its price go down when you buy two.

Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia

Three-in-one belts for Php 399 make me wish I had a waist!

Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia

Cute, metallic iPhone wallet makes me wish I used an iPhone!

Cotton On, Mall of Asia

Nice men’s undies

Cotton On, Mall of Asia

Flipflops at Php 290 each!

Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia

The men’s section—with soft basics in cool hues

Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia

The ladies’ section for younger set. I can see my sister in these

Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia
Cotton On, Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia is a stretch for most of us. But this Saturday, September 22, 2012, you’ll have another reason to go to Megamall when COTTON ON opens its second store there.


Special perks on opening day:

• Cotton On Php 500 discount coupons will be given to customers who line up for the Megamall store opening between 10:00-10:30AM. The Php 500 discount may be used when purchasing a minimum of Php 1,000 in a single receipt.
• Each customer gets a free Cotton On badge
• For every Php 2,000 single-receipt transaction, customer gets a free Cotton On mug + Cotton On badge
• 10% discount for Bench Lifestyle cardholders upon purchase of regular priced items
• 25% discount for Bench MasterCard holders, plus 2x reward points. Valid for a single-receipt minimum purchase of Php 1,000 on regular items.

To know more, go to

Silly haters

Mich Dulce wrote a great article on haters after having met the notorious Dutch artist Tinkebell in Malate.

Mich, Carlos, Jeroen, Rita, Mikee, Nikki, Katinka

On our way to dinner at Café Adriatico, Mich was happily fighting off Charice diehards on Twitter after she made a comment on Charice’s outfit and crimped/bleached hair.
“I love haters!” Mich laughed in the car as she retweeted the haters’ funny tweets.
Meanwhile, Tinkebell told us about a book she published in 2009. Dearest TINKEBELL is a collection of all the hate mail she received between 2004-2008 after making a handbag out of her own cat.


During dinner, Mich said she was used to getting hate tweets regularly. Carlos said, 7-8 times a week was normal, while Katinka gets it by the hour.
I may have been good at blocking many trolls because I seldom get hate on my feed. Yes I know they are out there, but I’d rather not look or maybe just have my lawyer look. I know very well to avoid picking on celebrities like Charice, Kim Chiu and all. I know the drill.

The thing is, everyone has haters. Even Jesus had haters. Mother Teresa had haters. Princess Diana had haters.
It’s just easier for any ordinary person to get haters now because of social media.
I bring this up because of two Instagram photos whose haters are bordering on funny.
First comes from Filipina actress Maxene Magalona, who has 153,892 Instagram followers as of this posting.
One of the prettiest actresses in the Philippines, Maxene posts random pictures of work, gifts, or even herself in doing everyday things.

Maxene Magalona

What made me LOL was when she innocently posted a bag of Nestlé Buncha Crunch and hatred followed. See the comments below and how nicely Maxene handles it. Imagine that a bag of Nestlé Crunch can cause much anger to others.

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 2.13.58 PM

  • maxenemagalona For brunch! Hehehe :)
  • piamialoves Nanibago ako s shot ni @maxenemagalona hindi ata pinagyabang ung tattoo nya lol
  • ajsurjani Pakelamera ka @piamialoves! E ano naman sayo kung ipagyabang ni @maxenemagalona tatts nya? Inggitera!
  • piamialoves @ajsurjani mas pakelemera ka bitch!
  • ajsurjani Woo! Hater ka kasi! Hahaha. Comment ka lang para manlait? Haha perfect ka e no? Hahaha. Mas bitch ka sa mga comment mo no! Hahaha get a life dumb ass! @piamialoves
  • _fais @ajsurjani @piamialoves for god sakes..pagtalunan ba ang picture na’to…pare pareho taung mga filipino tapos ito nagbabangayan sa maliit n bagay. Magsorry nga kayo sa isa’t isa.
  • ajsurjani Kung makalait kasi yan kala mo perfect. Kung fan ka di ka dapat ganyan. Kung hater ka wag ka dito magkalat ng lagim para wala kang makaaway. Diba @_fais
  • reignche Tama ka @_fais pare pareho lang tayo kumakain ng bigas ! Peace hehehe
  • nomerdapilosoper @_fais , @piamialoves , @ajsurjani … Buti kayo yan Lang pinoproblema niyo, pasalamat kayonalakain kayo niyan think about for those people doesn’t have even 1 kg of rice inside the house… Nahihirap na nga pilipinas pasosyal pa din kayo.. E gamitin nio ang paging sosyal nio sa pagtulong sa tao e di good example pa kau.. Gamitin ang pagyayabang sa pagtulong… It make sense ;)). Aight!!
  • dx2r_ae77 Hindi naman nila kasalanan kung nakakain sila ng ganyan. Siguro naman tumutulong din sila hindi mo lang alam. Do they have to tell you everything? Think…it make sense…: )
  • chuvaness Best thread ever!!
  • _fais @nomerdapilosoper @piamialoves @ajsurjani hindi naman sa ito lang ang aming prinoproblema.. Nagkataon lang na ito lang napagtuonan namin ng pansin kaya naging ganun. Kagaya ngayon kami ung napagtuonan mo ng pansin, ang ibig sabihin ba nito prinoproblema mo kami? Imbes na may ibang bagay kang pinagkakaabalahan.. Ganun b un? Pero may punto rin naman ang ipinamamahagi mo, hindi ko ikakaila kung ganun nga lang ang takbo ng isip ng bawat filipino mas maigi. Ang pagbibigay ng opinion ay hindi ibig sabihin pagyayabang, ito ay reaksyon reflex lamang ng utak natin. Salamat saiyong pagpugay pansin. :)
  • nomerdapilosoper @_fais @piamialoves @ajsurjani … Mga utak ng Filipino?? May naituro ka naba sa mga filipino.. Parang underestimate mo mga isip naming mga filipino.. I’m proud to be a pure blooded filipino.. Are you?:). Salamat sa makabululang eskplanasyon @_fais
  • maxenemagalona Mahilig ako sa white rice :) kayo? Ano paborito niyong bigas? Hahaha
  • maxenemagalona @chuvaness Right! Laugh trip. From my tattoo to bigas.


I wish I had Maxene’s sense of humor and attitude. I cannot bear arguments so I tend to block or delete negative comments for the most part, instead of defending myself.
Another one who deals with hate on a regular basis is Michelle Phan, a makeup artist I really admire because she looks like the girl next door who just happens to be very good at what she does.
I watched her start as a cult phenomenon on YouTube to becoming the L’Oreal brand ambassador she is today—all due to talent and passion. Michelle currently has 346,567 followers on Instagram.


For me, it’s normal to get excited about staying in a nice hotel and sharing it on Instagram, like Michelle did recently. However, see how a lovely hotel room can make people upset.

Screen Shot 2012-09-18 at 2.16.09 PM

  • michellefawn My second home in NYC @RoyaltonNYC They treat you like family as you can see :) I really recommend this hotel if you’re in NYC.
  • emilykbabb Lawl not everybody is rich
  • elena_mir No one else can afford that
  • katycat065 That looks expensive.
  • kohboonkiat How much
  • hellokittyhelloshirley Wow ur rich..
  • coral_blais Maybe if I come up with $200 a night to blow…
  • msleahann @hellokittyhelloshirley She’s a millionaire.
  • meetmayra What’s with all the “rich” comments? $200 a night is pretty average for a hotel in NYC. Buncha weirdos.
  • meredithknoxmua @ilystephan1e @neba345 the average not scummy hotel room in manhattan is about $200, this room is about $350, you pay for quality. Please don’t judge and be rude she was just trying to make a recommendation.
  • ilystephan1e @meredithknoxmua I am not being rude. My comments are based on the fact that her average subscriber can’t afford this. It’s like- thanks for the recommendation; next time my university loans, car lease, and assorted bills are paid and I have a few thousand to blow- sure. I know my stuff. The basic room at the Royalton NYC 1 person, no package (based on the pics it looks like she does have one) is $349 +tax per night, upgrading simply to a king bed and terrace is 2k/$2,000 USD per night. Call 212-869-4400 to do your research if you’d like. Don’t start instadrama with me; I’m not going to engage in drama with all the followers who will jump all over me for not blindly kisses the ground a public figure walks on just bc of their notoriety. I don’t say anything catty, and my comments are based on facts.
  • meetmayra LOL so much hate. Sucks to be poor I guess.
  • silentmiko Like second home? You “recommend” this place to who? Us? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. #unbelievable
  • sdu215 MP is just sharing her experiences. The girl made a comment about the hotel as anyone should do if they love something. If you can’t afford it don’t go. I know I can’t but I wont put down someone who obviously earned their success.
  • kaelauren Okay, ofcourse she recommends this to those who can afford it. And obviously u guys can’t, you don’t have to hate! Duh
  • caitielicious_mua Some people work hard And can afford this!!! If you aren’t one of those people you don’t need to bash those who are…. Plain and simple
  • just_joha @meetmayra agreed 😉 Most of the people that comment are kids with no jobs yet :-O
  • gnosallis Why are people so damn bitter. She never said you had to go to this hotel as she never spoke down about anyone who couldn’t afford it. Calm the fuck down kids. She was obviously speaking to adults with a job……SMH.
  • bellefleur__ Beautiful room / suite . When you work hard , you deserve the best ! Even if those who may not be able to afford such , never the less should you be bitter . Live a little , right ? Keep up on what you’re doing <3
  • simply_vana @miyuki_jazreel oh idk for sure. I’m just assuming bc it doesn’t look like the Holiday Inn lol
  • moni_fuerte In NYC everything is expensive . Don’t expect to find anything under $150 or $200 . Even the cheap looking hotels charge a lot . You people should really stop complaining . It’s not like she’s spending your money . Plus she works for her money just like everyone else . Some people make more than others .

Who doesn’t know Adam Levine for BENCH?

“Adam Levine is crazy ass hot. I mean CRAZY ASS HOT! I don’t know a single woman in this country that does not want to have this done to her by Adam.” — Candifier

Screen shot 2012-09-17 at 12.40.14 PM

Uhm…confession time: I did not know Adam Levine until Ginggay texted me this secret invite last week. He could be sitting next to me on a plane and I wouldn’t know who he is.


Wasn’t sure I could make it. But Rem came over to visit while I was cleaning my study room. She went through a pile of magazines I was getting rid of, including this one I bought at JFK airport.

US september cover

I actually bought it for Grace, but when I looked inside I got bored.
So Rem grabs the magazine and zeroes in on Adam Levine and starts gushing. I asked her to explain and she says he’s the front man of Maroon 5 and she’s flying to Singapore to watch because tickets got sold out in Manila.
I told her in secret that BENCH got him as their newest endorser and showed her the secret invite.
Next I heard this deafening hyena in my ear. My eardrums nearly DIED. I covered my ears and asked the maid to please get rid of her, but Rem couldn’t get a hold of herself. So I texted Lawrence of Bench and asked if I could take her to the media event. Lawrence said yes.
Adam Levine for BENCH

When news of Adam Levine for BENCH trended on Twitter, many people started asking if I had access. Luckily Bench gave me 10 meet and greet passes at SMX, which I gave out to 5 Twitter followers (2 tickets each).
Then yesterday I asked my kids if they knew Adam Levine. The boys were impressed when I said I was going to see him at The Peninsula. They took out their iPads and played his songs for me. That was my sign that Adam Levine is indeed *duh* famous.
Fast forward to Salon de Ning earlier this evening. Rem she wore heels and got a home blowdry care of Lorie.

Rem de Vera

Raymond Gutierrez hosted and warmed up the crowd

Raymond Gutierrez

He spoke to Bench CEO Ben Chan, who was proud to announce Adam Levine as their newest endorser

Raymond Gutierrez talks to Ben Chan

Then Adam Levine came out

Rem, who follows his tweets said Adam and the band arrived today in Manila.
I heard he had a photo shoot with Mark Nicdao and had one-on-one interviews with media. (I declined because I knew nothing about him prior to this day.)
Oh, I actually found out I know at least one song by Maroon 5.

Raymond did a good interview although Adam seemed a bit tired given his full schedule.
I thought his candidness was refreshing. Wish I could’ve video’ed the whole interview, but I wanted to enjoy looking at him instead of an LCD screen.

Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine's tattoo
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine for BENCH
Adam Levine's tattoos
Adam Levine for BENCH

So now I know who Adam Levine is, and thanks to Bench for hosting a great launch.

Adam Levine for BENCH

Final Undercover x Uniqlo collab now at SM Mall of Asia

Last call to get pieces of Undercover’s final collection with Uniqlo at SM Mall of Asia!
I’ve loved Jun Takahashi of Undercover since the early ’90s. Mostly a men’s store, I used to visit his shop in Harajuku many years ago and never got a thing.
Recently I got this “F*ck Goyard” bag from his Undercoverism collection.
This Fall/Winter 2012, Jun Takahashi focuses on a family theme with a line-up of apparel for women, men and children.

Undercover x Uniqlo

Thecollection includes close to 100 items for men, women and children, and brings together Undercover’s unique design aesthetic with UNIQLO’s high-performance fabrics.
The lineup offers a color palette of wine, olive, gray and black, whereas the children’s items are available in a mixture of bright colors such as pink, red and yellow and darker tones such as wine and blue.

Undercover x Uniqlo
Undercover x Uniqlo
Undercover x Uniqlo
Undercover x Uniqlo

Neck & Neck opens at Rustan’s

In line with Rustan’s ongoing Spanish festival, NECK & NECK opened its first store in Asia in partnership with Rustan’s.
Known as one of the leading brands in children’s fashion, Neck & Neck is now present in 12 countries.


The opening event was led by Rustan’s Executive Vice President Anton Huang and his wife Nina, with Neck & Neck owners Maria and Eduardo Zamacula.

Rustan’s Executive Vice President Anton Huang and wife Nina with Maria & Eudardo Zamacola

Neck & Neck’s latest collection was featured in a kiddie runway show.
Popular trends for the season are poplins and oxfords for all-in-ones and shirts, twills for skirts, and Bermuda trousers.


Neck & Neck also launched a new sports line for children called NECK & NECK SPORT, available in stores and online at

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