Watsons 3-day sale this weekend!
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Having just arrived from Tokyo where I had to take care of kids, I still felt kind of bitin with my shopping.
Luckily Watsons invited me to shop all I want yesterday to sample their three-day sale this May 16-18, 2014.

Watsons 3-day sale

Given the chance, what would you buy?
As a lover of cute things I really liked this cart. I wish all malls would have carts like this available to go around.

empty cart

Watsons brand hand soaps are my favourite things to hoard, especially if they’re buy one-take one

buy one take one

Hair accessories are 10% off. Too bad I got the clips before they went on sale two weeks ago

hair accessories

I love Celeteque products, especially in the shower


My friend Rem will be glad to know Cetaphil products are on sale—for her daughter’s sensitive skin


I love Veet hair remover wax strips for the legs. Perfect for home and traveling.
I find it so relaxing when someone pulls them for me while I lie down.


Lots of Belo products on sale—hello Anne!

Belo products
Belo products

Here’s something interesting that’s not on sale though—Glutamax lightening feminine wash!
I’m doubting the tightening feature though…


Not on sale, but highly recommended: Crave Away whitening toothpaste and appetite suppressant

white glo toothpaste

Most of the makeup lines are also on sale


The hand soap bundles are a steal

hand soap

The cotton boxed sets are nice to have, especially at this price

cotton box

Nivea sun blocks are 50% off!

nivea sun block

Plus so much more of your favourite brands—check out the marked down prices

dove men

Check out the marked down prices


So what did I end up getting? Just a couple of Veet hair remover wax strips, two bottles of Belo Glutathione + collagen pills, Maybelline BB concealer stick, Watsons disposable underwear for boys for the next trip (long story), and a Sure Aid grooming kit so I can avail of the free cooler bag promo

my loot

The Sure Aid kit is part of Watsons Gotta Have it items that you need to purchase along with Php 1200 worth in order to get the promo item

free cooler bag

Et voila! No need for a shopping bag.

cooler bag

Watsons three-day sale is on until tomorrow only, so take advantage and stock up on your favourite products now!

Hoodwink at SM Aura
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From the founders of homme et femme (H&F) retail stores comes Hoodwink, a playful yet sophisticated store that caters to a young male demographic.
Interiors were designed by H&F’s Mark (Jappy) Gonzalez in collaboration with architect Rola Vizmonte.

Hoodwink at SM Aura

Look closely and see crafty details like billiard sticks for door handles, darts for clothing hooks, and clothes racks and shelving made of tubular steel.
From the street view, a storefront window will feature a seasonal collab with a deviant artist.
This month however you’ll see Comme des Garçons PLAY balloons on the windows.

Hoodwink at SM Aura

So what’s on the shelves this season? A well curated collection that caught my eye, including Kitsune Tee and Lazy Oaf, among others.

Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura

Now if only these came in women’s cuts, we’d be in a bit of trouble.

Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura
Hoodwink at SM Aura

Hoodwink is on the ground level of SM Aura. Open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM


Tried and tested: Delta vs. Japan Airlines
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Dreams do come true—for some of us, later in life.
It’s been my dream to go Japan as often as I can and as easy as flying to Hong Kong. Luckily I got my three-year multiple-entry visa after the Japanese government relaxed its visa rules for Filipinos.
When I was younger I studied Nihongo for two years and wanted to marry Japanese because I find them adorable. But my dad said, better not. He was right. 🙂
This year my husband and decided to take our family vacation in Tokyo and travel for the first time without a yaya. I must say it was quite a success.
As the official travel agent of my family, I chose Delta Airlines because of our pleasant experience last time. Prior to this we usually flew Japan Airlines until I rediscovered Delta through an online sale.

Here’s why I prefer Delta:
Delta seats are better. I find Japan Airlines seats not as comfortable. This is a normal business class seat on JAL

Japan Airlines

while Delta has cabin-like seats (like Cathay Pacific Business Class) which recline and lie flat.
Jeroen and I can hold hands when I’m scared

Jeroen on Delta

Each seat comes with a bottle of Evian (a huge comfort for me), a fluffy pillow, and a thin, quilted comforter
It has a very convenient outlet, so you can charge your gadgets before you land. (Can’t leave without my Samsung Galaxy Note 3!)


The flight attendants are so warm. There’s nothing like Delta flight attendants. The Americans have a great sense of humour and the Filipinos feel like family.

Delta flight attendants

Here’s a shoutout to fellow Assumptionista Fara Campos Lacson (middle) who was a commercial model back in the day

On the other hand, Japan Airlines serves food I like

Japan Airlines food

and allocates three pieces of luggage per passenger, versus Delta’s two pieces for business class.
So if food and shopping are your priority, fly JAL. But if comfort is more important to you, fly Delta.
Looking forward to my Japan visit, but next time I’m going to try Haneda Airport, instead of Narita.

NAIA renovation update
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This was the scene at NAIA last week. Street level is boarded up

NAIA renovation

Busy at the other end

NAIA renovation

Much activity on the inside

NAIA renovation

And….aircons are not working. Iwatas everywhere.
So bring a fan in case this goes on until August like we heard.

NAIA renovation

I’m in Tokyo. More to come.

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