I saw a dead body
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Have you ever seen a dead body, like in a morgue?
I’ve seen dead bodies a few times—on the road covered with newspapers after an accident. Relatives who had died in the hospital. Or dead bodies in the coffin.
But I had never seen a dead body in a morgue.

My last lola died recently at the age of 93. By last lola, I mean she was my paternal grandmother’s youngest sister. All the lolos and lolas I had known are gone.
Last March 11, I got a text from my dad that my lola had died and there would be mass at 7 PM at Arlington in Quezon City.
My boys and I had already booked a dinner at Mamou, Serendra which I cancelled.
I then went to the boys’ room and informed them that there was a change of plans.
My last lola had died and we were going to the wake.
Thank God my boys agreed.

We left the house at 5:30 PM and had a quick dinner at Robinson’s Magnolia before heading out to Arlington funeral parlor.
We got there at 7:15 PM, but my lola’s name was no where to be found on the sign board.
I went to reception to ask for the whereabouts of Lydia Salas. The man behind the desk told me the body wasn’t ready but I could proceed to the “viewing room” down the hall, turn right, behind the sliding door.
So I though the viewing room was where I would find my cousins waiting.

When I got to the viewing room, I found my lola’s two caregivers—a mother and daughter who was a deadringer for singer Ciara Sotto.
I found them sitting on a couch, while another couch near the door was empty.
I saw a frosted glass window with a narrow opening. My brain immediately told me, I think we’re in the morgue.
Knowing my sons are duwag (scaredy cats), I motioned for them to sit on the empty couch, but my son Markus nearly peeked inside the window. When he realized what he could have seen, he immediately stopped and said, “Oh, shit.” (He is 13.)

I dragged them outside the room and looked for our relatives.
I found my three cousins—Vip, Judd, and Jay at the lobby and hugged them.
Judd and Vip were choosing flowers from an album. My lola had died the morning at the hospital, and they thought the body would be ready by 7.
Jay looked very much harassed and told me he needed to run to Chinese General Hospital to get a signature so that the body can be cremated the following day. I offered to take him there.
Meanwhile, I told my two sons to wait in the car.
I wanted to see my lola one last time.

“Jay, before we go, can I see lola? I’m not gonna make it to mass tomorrow.”
“Yes of course,” Jay said, and escorted me back to the viewing room.
And so I saw my lola lying on the metal table, her head slightly raised, naked, with her private body parts covered in cloth. Her hair and body were being washed.
I couldn’t believe she was 93. She looked so young.
I kind of saw we had the same body type, sort of.
I watched the expressionless mortician washing her body, and thanked her in my mind.
Thank you for doing this. Thank you for doing this humble job.

I wondered about my own death, if it were my turn to be on the metal table. I can only wish that I were handled with much respect too.
It was like watching a movie. I was afraid, but I wanted to look. I held the hand of her caregiver and exchanged some humorous comment just to lighten the mood. And then I left with Jay.

The boys and I dropped off their Uncle Jay at Chinese General and decided to make “pagpag” at Robinson’s Magnolia, where I treated them to Uniqlo and H&M.
All the while thinking of my lola who said she was missing her sisters who had died before her.

No tears were shed. She was 93. She wanted to go. She was devoted to Our Lady.
I am sure she is in a better place.

Lola Liddy and Vip Salas
Lola Lydia (Liddy) Salas with her grandson Vip

Winners: @chuvafinds totebag giveaway and more!
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JOIN @chuvafinds tote bag giveaway and more
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Hello! I’m going on a short trip and will probably not be able to update (knowing me).
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What happened at Beauty & The Beast x Happy Skin screening
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I’ve been taking it easy this 2017, laying low and just waiting for things to unfold, choosing which invitations to attend.
Beauty & The Beast was the one movie I’d been anticipating since last year, so I was very excited to be invited to an advanced screening hosted by Happy Skin Cosmetics in collaboration with Disney.

Happy Skin invitation

I don’t have daughters so I didn’t mind that the invite is for one person only. Luckily my friend Dinna was also invited.
After a quick lunch, we went to Uptown Mall’s VIP Cinema and saw this TV screen.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Happy Skin really knows how to throw a party, and has obviously good relations with Disney.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

I’m not supposed to eat sweets this Lent, but this spread looked so good

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Okay. Just one cupcake then. The buttercream icing was delish!

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Happy Skin founders Jaque Gutierrez and Rissa Trillo hosted the event

Jaque and Rissa of Happy Skin

I’ve been to Uptown Mall BGC many times because of Shaburi but I’d never been to the cinema. Their VIP cinema is first class all the way!! I am really impressed. These seats recline fully with so much leg room.

Uptown Mall VIP cinema

There’s a personal side table with snacks. It includes a night light and a popcorn/soda button.
For me, it’s the best cinema in town!

Uptown Mall VIP cinema

We had to surrender our phones before the movie, so here’s the trailer instead.

The casting was almost perfect. Didn’t know Emma Watson could sing really well. She starts out plain-looking but somehow transforms as the movie progresses.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I think she comes across as an actress with substance, just like Belle in the movie

Beauty & The Beast still photos

Kevin Kline plays her kawawa but loving father…

Beauty & The Beast still photos

But Luke Evans is the most perfectly casted actor as the walking douchebag, Gaston.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I can’t imagine why they would take a beautiful man like Ewan McGregor of Trainspotting and transform him into this unrecognizable caricature….

Ewan McGregor Ewan McGregor

But the most disappointing casting for me was the Beast, played by Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I don’t watch Downton Abbey so I don’t know Dan Stevens. I was hoping to feel “kilig” upon the big reveal at the end, but I was disappointed. Sorry but he doesn’t look dreamy. He looked so unmasculine….
You just have to watch.
I was really impressed by the animation. You really forget you’re watching an animated film.
The familiar songs are really nice, with some new tunes added.
The movie is two hours long. Make sure to go to the restroom before the movie starts so you don’t miss a thing. But most of all, please try to watch at Uptown Mall’s VIP Cinema. It’s so worth it.
Beauty & The Beast is showing in theaters this March 17, 2017.

Buy Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast collection at

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