How I spent my summer vacation: Tokyo with kids (Part 1)

Seven days is too short for Japan—especially if you’re traveling with kids. Next time, we will go for ten days.
Being the mom of three boys, there are sacrifices to be made. Nobody wants to go to Puroland but me.
Shopping is next to impossible, so that must be carefully planned around what they want (read: Nike).
Here’s a quick guide to what we did within one week in Tokyo:

1) Kiddyland in Harajuku is a must stop. Kiddyland is five levels of cute stuff. I’ll take Kiddyland to any other toy store in the world. Kiddyland and Hakuhinkan are my favorite toy stores.


2) Whatever you do, do NOT be fooled into going to the Ninja restaurant in Akasaka. I regret having been tricked by a blog to go there. It is a horrible tourist trap. I thought it would be fun to take the kids to a realistic Ninja restaurant but it was really dumb, I can’t even put it into words.

Ninja Asakusa

This three-piece toro sushi was the only good thing we ordered

Ninja Asakusa

Not the kind of salmon Ben expected, so Jeroen ate it.


Worst yaya meal: Ate Mariza and Markus ordered curry. This is what they got: inedible black balls

Black curry?


Black curry?

Jeroen had a bite and then nobody touched it anymore.
The food was so bad we were ended up “fighting” over expensive steak, but it was not enough.

Ninja Asakusa

Our bill for 6 people: about Php 14,000

Ninja Asakusa

We were still starving after dinner so we ended up buying food at this place.


3) Here’s our favorite restaurant in Tokyo: Barbacoa which specializes in Brazilian all-you-can-eat churrasco.
Jeroen and I have been eating here since 2000. We have tried to bring it to Manila, but the Japanese simply aren’t interested.

Barbacoa, Shibuya

This is our family’s happy place

Barbacoa, Shibuya

with the unli Japanese rice

Barbacoa, Shibuya

and all kinds of barbecued meat brought to your table

Barbacoa, Shibuya
Barbacoa Osaka

P.S. Their rolls are to die for

Barbacoa rolls

4) Chris and I really love the milk ice cream at Meal Muji. I am still dreaming about it. There is nothing like it in Manila. This is a must have.

Meal Muji, Shibuya

Ate Mariza has one too

Mariza and Christian

Wish we had Meal Muji in Manila

Meal Muji, Shibuya
Meal Muji, Shibuya

5) Sega Joypolis in Odaiba is a boy’s world. Since Jeroen and I don’t know how to take the train, we took two cabs and it was expensive to travel to and from Shinjuku.
It’s a three-level high-tech indoor playground that is perfect for a rainy day. We spent a few hours there and the boys loved it.

Sega Joypolis
Sega Joypolis

The boys enjoyed the virtual rides, but even Jeroen felt sick after two rides and had to slow down.

Sega Joypolis

I saw myself as a fish in a virtual aquarium and felt very sad

Sega Joypolis

The boys went wild with the shooting games

Sega Joypolis

Jeroen and Markus won plush toys

Jeroen and Markus

Finally, Ben and Markus had their caricatures drawn by a Japanese artist

Getting their portraits done

He’s so talented

Getting their portraits done

(To be continued)

Tried & Tested: Preview magazine x Happy Skin’s new lip crayons

As a lifestyle blogger, I get free makeup all the time. I can’t tell you how much beauty stuff I get, and I don’t have to buy mascara again for the next five years.
So far, the only homegrown cosmetic brand that is chuva-approved is Happy Skin. Their lip crayons are what I use everyday (sorry I can’t say “lippie”. I feel like the word doesn’t suit my age group, sort of like the word “epic”).

Aside from like the actual products, I’m amazed at how Happy Skin always comes up with exciting packaging, the latest of which is Happy Skin’s collaboration with Preview magazine.
To celebrate Preview’s 20th anniversary, Happy Skin has created two moisturizing matte lipsticks presented in a gorgeous little book/box.
Preview x Happy Skin
Preview x Happy Skin

“Lipstick is the most indispensible of all makeup products,” said Preview Editor in Chief, Pauline Juan.
“If there was just one thing in the Happy Skin line that I could pick, it would be the lippie. I think that one is really the most winning product.”
But Pauline says they were very particular about the matte formulation. “The worst thing you can have are matte lips with flaking,” she said.

Preview x Happy Skin

Happy Skin’s Rissa Trillo agrees wholeheartedly.
“We were relentless in finding the perfect balance between matte finish and moisture level, without compromising color payoff and lip hydration,” she said.
The secret was found in the miracle ingredient, Cupuaçu Butter, “which offers unrivaled hydration, making it the most moisturizing matte lippie you’ll ever try,” said Happy Skin’s Jacque Gutierrez.

Preview x Happy SkinPreview x Happy Skin

The limited edition Preview x Happy Skin lip crayons are available at Php 599 each, or Php 1,099 for a set of two.
Hot Stuff is a very deep, sophisticated shade of red, while my personal favorite is the nude-based Too Cool lipstick.
From June 1-7 only, the set will be sold at for a special price of Php 999.
But you can also buy Happy Skin at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La Plaza; Beauty Bar; Plains & Prints; The SM Store Makati, Mall of Asia, and North Edsa; Watsons Mall of Asia; Landmark Makati, or at

First look: Jollibee x Uniqlo tees

When Uniqlo first opened at SM Mall of Asia last April 2012, I was both surprised and amused with all the collaborations being offered—everything from Hello Kitty to Yakult.

Uniqlo at MOA

So it came as no surprise to me when I learned about Uniqlo’s special collaboration with Philippine fastfood giant Jollibee. In fact the idea makes me giddy with excitement, being a fan of both Jollibee and Uniqlo.
Starting June 1st, 2015, Uniqlo will sell T-shirts with the famous Jollibee logo. This was announced at a press conference at Uniqlo Megamall last Thursday.

Jollibee drops in at press conference
Jollibee drops in at the press conference with Uniqlo’s Masayoshi Nakamura and Katsumi Kubota, and Jollibee’s Joseph Tanbuntiong and Harvey Ong

“Jollibee and UNIQLO share the same goal of providing a valued offering to every Filipino family. Our partnership with Jollibee will bring us closer to every member of the Filipino family as UNIQLO offers clothes for everyone,” said Katsumi Kubota, COO of Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc.

Mr. Katsumi Kubota
Mr. Kubota looks Japanice in Jollibee x Uniqlo tee and blazer

Uniqlo took the lead in the design and production processes. Taking the iconing Jollibee mascot, Uniqlo’s Japanese designer tweaked it to give it a classic, vintage, heritage look with the intentionally faded print.
Here’s what you can expect on June 1st:

Jollibee x Uniqlo

The limited-edition T-shirts will sell for Php 390 for adults (men and women) and Php 290 for children. Aside from the Philippines, they will be sold in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

“We have a lot to learn from Jollibee,” said Mr. Kubota. “It is a brand that makes people, from children to grandparents, happy. This is a great opportunity for Uniqlo. I am very honored.”

Obsessed with Vetements

Just when I thought fashion was getting boring, I stumble upon Vetements, a fairly new label formed by a group of seven designers trained at different schools (Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Die Angewandte in Vienna, Studio Berçot in Paris) and all worked at Maison Martin Margiela at some point.
No wonder they embrace the idea of anonymity and prefer to be known for the work rather than celebrity.
Marks of Margiela are found all over tailored pieces based on the trench coat, oversized jackets, and exaggerated sleeves.
It’s been a while since I’ve seen a collection as magical as this. It makes the current Margiela look so dull.
I want them all.

Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015
Vetements 2015

Turn brown nipples to pink? Picosure can!

Is Picosure the fountain of youth?
You know something/someone is hot when everybody talks about it, and in terms of beauty treatments, everyone is talking about Picosure, described as the world’s fastest laser treatment.

Hayden Kho, Vicki Belo, Michael Byers
Dr. Hayden Kho, Dr. Vicki Belo, and Picosure’s Michael Byers at the Picosure media event

Michael Byers, clinical research director of Picosure maker Cynosure, explains it is a non-surgical laser skin treatment for “those seeking a more youthful appearance.”
It can get rid of or minimize wrinkles, melasma or hyperpigmentation, birthmarks, pigmented lesions and freckles on the chest, face, hands and other parts of the body in less time than any other treatment. It also addresses sagging skin. Picosure is so powerful it can even erase tattoos.
“Picosure can also turn a woman’s areola from brown to pink,” says Dr. Vicki Belo, whose Belo Medical Group is introducing the treatment to the Philippines.


The treatment is called Picosure because it operates in picoseconds unlike the conventional nanosecond laser machines. The patented Pressure Wave technology uses light pulses instead of heat so the surrounding skin of the area being treated is not damaged. Pressure Wave breaks down skin pigmentation and induces collagen production for skin rejuvenation and improvement of scars.
Focus Lense concentrates light pulses in targeted areas in the face and neck. To remove tattoos, Picosure breaks down the pigments into sand-like property so it is easier to remove from the body.


During the event at Greenbelt Residences to introduce Picosure sure to members of the media and other special guests, Belo Medical Group received the World Picosure Award 2015 for having the highest number of Picosure treatments done in a month for the single machine. In February, 200 patients availed of Picosure at Belo Medical Group clinics.
The Picosure treatment only takes minutes per area (five minutes for acne scars) without any downtime. Your face won’t be swollen although some people will experience a bit of redness.

Lovi Poe
Actress Lovi Poe at the Picosure media event

“To be 45 and to look beautiful is a challenge,” says Alice Dixon, Belo’s model for Picosure. She wanted to improve the appearance of her neck, a problem that Vicki Belo calls “turtleneck.”
Byers says a Picosure machine costs $350,000 so the treatment is way more expensive than Revlite, which is also very popular at Belo. Revlite is a fast and very effective procedure that erases skin pigmentation like sun spots, freckles, dark spots and the like. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores.
Watch this:

For more information about Picosure, go to

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