Singapore two years later (Part 1)

I have a love-hate relationship with Singapore. I used to go there a lot and it was there that I first experienced Pepper Lunch, which changed my life forever.
But ever since Japan granted me a three-year VISA, I started going to Japan more whenever I can.
The last time I was in Singapore was Valentine’s Day, 2013.
I find it amazing how Singapore Airlines has changed in two years
The business class seats are HUGE! The seats are so wide they give you two kinds of pillows

Singapore Airlines

It’s not a flat bed but you can stretch

Singapore Airlines

My legs aren’t long enough but it’s good to have a place to rest them

Singapore Airlines

I can charge my gadgets. Look, there are two USB, plus one universal outlet (110 volts only)

Singapore Airlines

There’s a dedicated drink holder that’s out of harm’s way

Singapore Airlines

A place to park your bag

Singapore Airlines

and shoes

Singapore Airlines

The food was OK. Jeroen was surprised I ate on the plane cause I rarely do. Can’t say no to chicken rice.

Singapore Airlines

Changi Airport is still beautiful and spacious

Changi airport
Changi airport

At the Grand Hyatt Hotel We got a room upgrade at the old wing. This was a good bed with freezing aircon (nice)

Grand Hyatt Singapore

This opens up to the bathroom. Sorry, I find the sink outdated

Grand Hyatt Singapore

I like the spacious dressing table, but the lighting is bad for makeup and the stool is way too low #chuvaproblems

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Separate shower and toilet. No need for bathtub

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Nice little walk-in closet

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Spacious retro-modern suite

Grand Hyatt Singapore
Grand Hyatt Singapore

The office chair is a bit outdated (read: matigas) #morechuvaproblems

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Other than those little things, we did enjoy our stay!
I had chicken rice everyday. If you ask me, my favorite is the roast chicken by Sergeant at ION Orchard or Food Republic. I wish Sergeant would come to the Philippines! We have nothing like it in Manila and there is nothing like chicken rice in Singapore.

Sergeant chicken rice
Sergeant chicken rice

Another store I wish we had in Manila is Kikki K, the Australian stationery store. There’s a nice branch at ION Orchard

Kikki K.
Kikki K.
Kikki K.

COS at ION Orchard is a must-stop for basic minimalist clothes


(Up next: IKEA)

How to win 2 million in shopping points through Watsons and your rewards card

“Can we go to Watsons?” I told my friend Grace while at Megamall last Saturday. “I need to buy feminine wash and tealights.”
“Hmmmm…is something happening tonight?” Grace winked.
“Uh no…I just ran out, that’s all.”

Watsons win 2 million promo

I love Watsons. And if you’re like me, it is nearly impossible to go to Watsons without buying an item or three.
If are like me, you’ll also love Watsons and The SM Store’s Beauty Section’s exciting Shopping Madness Promo which gives shoppers the chance to win over P2 million in shopping points!
To join, you must have an SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards or Primo Card.

SM cards

Then you need to buy any product with the Qualifier Sticker.

Watsons win 2 million promo
Watsons win 2 million promo
Watsons win 2 million promo
Watsons win 2 million promo
Watsons win 2 million promo

Every Php 500 single receipt purchase from Watsons or The SM Store Beauty Section (inclusive of one qualifier) entitles the cardholder to one raffle entry. Once you present your rewards card to the cashier, you are automatically qualified for the E-raffle. No need to text or fill out forms. I love this!

Watsons win 2 million promo

The prizes come in the form of shopping points—tax free—that may be redeemed at Watsons, The SM Store, SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Savemore Market, SM Appliance, Ace Hardware, Toy Kingdom, Our Home, Surplus, Kultura Filipino, Baby Company, Sports Central, Forever 21, Uniqlo, Suiteblanco and selected branches of Adidas, Nike and Levis.

SM Advantage is a loyalty program that rewards members with points every time they shop at Watsons or other SM retail establishments. You can redeem your accumulated points at any of these establishments. If you aren’t a member yet, you can get the SM Advantage membership kit at any cashier counter of select Watsons stores for only Php150.
If you are already a member, continue using your SM Advantage card at Watsons to qualify for Shopping Madness and their monthly promotions and special offers.

SM Prestige Card

I love this card.
To check your SM Advantage points online, go to
To know more about the promo mechanics, go to

Lost money and thoughts on the Hsieh family

Last week my friend Lia lost her wallet with 18 thousand pesos inside. To make her feel a bit better, I gave her a Kate Spade wallet I had barely used.
“Sorry for your loss,” I told Lia.
“It’s OK, maybe the one who found it needs the money more than I,” she said.
Lia didn’t really blame anyone but herself. She thinks she may have dropped it at the parking lot on her way to the car.

Last year I met a person (itago natin siya sa pangalang “Sandra”) who works in an IT training facility on Shaw Boulevard. We talked about a service she could render for me and she offered a price of 55 thousand.
I deposited 27,500 to her account (I have the deposit slip) on April 12, 2014. It is now February 8 and she has not rendered any service promised to me.
I have asked her repeatedly to refund if she cannot do what she promised. She then asked for payment terms and a discount and I agreed to a 20% discount. I have not seen a peso though.
Well, I guess some people really have no problem about taking someone’s money and spending it without actually working for it. I don’t get it.
This person has caused me a lot of grief and false expectations. How I wish the amount were 5 thousand—easy to forget. But 27,500 reminds me how dumb I was to have trusted a complete stranger.
I have thought about writing her employer, but can’t find the energy to do so.

Which comes to an event on February 5, where a Taiwanese couple killed their three children and ended their own lives. From what I have gathered through Viber threads and news items, the family had been having financial difficulty. The wife had expressed suicidal thoughts two years ago. Two weeks ago she asked a doctor for strong sleeping pills, but only got mild ones.
On the day of the murders, the couple allegedly mixed the sleeping pills into their food and fed the two sons first (they were both Xavier boys).
They told the maid not to touch the food. Then they picked up their 18-year-old daughter from school. When they got home they fed her the food. When the kids were asleep, they wrapped their heads in plastic (see video below) and bound their hands and feet in case they woke up.
And then the parents committed suicide. The father was supposedly last to go. He left a suicide note in the kitchen sink with instructions to have their bodies cremated and ashes sent to relatives in Taiwan.
It was the maid who found the note in the morning and alerted the neighbour who called the cops.

All the parents are talking about it and are feeling really sad. It makes me wonder if some people are really desperate for money, is it what causes them to die, kill, steal, scam people, or borrow money and not pay them back?
As for Sandra, I have given up hope that she will ever refund my money. All she has to do is do what she promised and I will even pay the balance. I can only wish she is doing this out of desperation.
As for the the Hsieh family, I pray for God’s divine mercy. I wish there had been another solution. I wish the children had been spared. I hope it will never happen again.


Tried and tested: How to clean your gadgets using Pledge

Some people think it’s hard to give me a present. Yes, but sometimes just give me something useful and big, and I’m happy. Like this package I got from SC Johnson last December.

Cleaning products

Most of the stuff we already use at home. But there’s this new thing I discovered and really liked: the Pledge anti-static electronics cleaner.

Pledge electronics cleaner

I used to buy all these expensive gadget cloths and cleaners abroad. Now all I need is Pledge and any tissue paper that doesn’t disintegrate. Here’s how my Mac looked before: really gross

How to clean your gadgets

I have no idea how that drip stain got there. I looks like milk

How to clean your gadgets

Sprayed it with Pledge electronics cleaner and used a Kleenex tissue at my office

How to clean your gadgets

Et voila!

How to clean your gadgets

Sorry for being strange…

How to clean your gadgets

Look at my clean iPad

How to clean your gadgets

You can buy this at the supermarket, like Rustan’s. Thank you SC Johnson! I lovett.

Simple solution to a slow Mac with a graphics problem

For the last week or so I’ve been suffering from a really slow Mac—so bad that I actually thought of buying a new one.
The only thing that stopped me aside from the price, is that the new Macs don’t have a CD drive which I need.
I thought the slowness had something to do with my upgrade to Yosemite or that my Mac might have gotten a bug.

slow mac

If your Mac is saying it has a graphics problem, here’s a simple solution I found online:
1) Just find your Library folder, open the Logs folder, and delete everything in it.
You’ll be surprised how many thousands of files will go to trash. Mine had more than 5,000 files to delete.
2) When you empty your trash, choose Empty Trash because Secure Empty Trash will take years to complete.

After this simple procedure my Mac is now back to normal. Thank God!!
Just wanted to share in case anyone is having the same problem. What a life/sanity saver.

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