How I sent my Christmas gift to Alabang for Php 50 only

Oops! I just sent a gift to Alabang for Php 50 only!


You can too.
From December 15-21, 8AM to 10PM, Uber and LBC will be providing a hassle-free service that allows you to deliver gifts with a tap of a button. On the Uber app, you will be able to request for a motorcycle-riding LBC courier to pick up and deliver your presents to and from any point in Metro Manila.

I tried it and it works! Here’s how:
1) Download the Uber app on your phone and register with your credit card.
2) Use my code ramonag13 when you sign up to receive ₱200 credit on your first Uber ride (if you choose to go for a ride instead of a parcel pick up).
3) Have your parcel ready.
4) Open up the Uber app
5) Move the slider to the Padala motorcycle icon.
6) Request an Uber Padala.
7) When the rider comes, fill out the form and provide the friendly LBC personnel the delivery address
8) No need for cash or tips! Your Uber account will be charged a flat fee of P169 per successful delivery (or in my case, Php 50 because they’re on sale today only!! Unbelievable!!

On Monday, December 15, all Padala trips will be 70% off!

Only one delivery address per trip, no additional drops allowed.
Allowed shipments for pick up shall be documents and light parcels, with a combined weight not exceeding 5 kilos or dimensions of 1 cubic foot.
Item subject to inspection by delivery personnel. For a complete list of prohibited items, please visit
Return-to-sender is also subject to P100 cancellation fee. Make sure the recipient or an authorized representative is available to receive the package.
For concerns, email

What camera am I using?

I often get asked what camera I am using. The answer is, it’s always a Canon.
I have to add though that I have never been sponsored by Canon. I had a couple of meetings with Canon Philippines in which they offered to sponsor me, but nothing ever happened.
So you can be sure my endorsement of Canon is free and sincere.
The camera I am using right now is the Canon S120 which I bought at BIC Camera in Tokyo last month because my Canon S200 broke during my trip.

Canon S120

This was the Canon S200 I really liked and purchased at Narita Airport last May 2014. Unfortunately it conked out due to lens failure. Fortunately I have a warranty card, which I am sending to my friend Sayoko in Japan. I hope they replace it.


Prior to the Canon S200, I was using the Canon S95 which I still keep as a backup. I have tried the Canon S100 and S110 and didn’t like any of them.

Canon s95

These are the best lowlight cameras out there. I rarely use a flash and have a very steady hand. I take more than one picture to be sure, and I hang the camera on my neck while traveling so I don’t miss a moment.
As for purchasing Canons, I suggest you check for the best prices and have them shipped to Manila via Johnny Air.

Tokyo is always a good idea

Despite all the bad things that happened to me in 2014, looking back I realised something really wonderful also happened—I went to Japan three times this year.
First, in March with my hubby (at Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills)

Jeroen and I at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Sae (L) and Sayoko in Asakusa

Hiko at Womb
owl tokyo

108 ichimaruhachi
108 ichimaruhachi

Nui Hostel
NUI Hostel bar and lounge
Nui bar & lounge
Nui bar & lounge

In May, we were back again for Marky’s birthday and Mother’s Day


Our family’s favourite

Expensive robatayaki in Roppongi Hills
Coke at Robata

Donald Muneaki
Donald Muneaki

Mother’s Day cards
Mother's Day for me

Holding hands in the plane
Markus and Jeroen

And once again in November for our 14th anniversary honeymoon

Steak place

The best scallops
Steak place

Wagyu steak with garlic chips
Steak place

Taku’s dog
Taku's house

La Kagu La Kagu
La Kagu

Galali, Aoyama
Galali, Aoyama

Best steak
Galali, Aoyama
Galali, Aoyama

Happy hour on the way back to our hotel
Under the train station

I’ll never get tired of this. Can’t wait to go back in April.
Tokyo, my happy place.

Win four tickets to Japan plus a tour of the Royce’ chocolate factory in Hokkaido

Royce’ Chocolate invites you to join The Great Royce’ Getaway Christmas Promo, where the prize is a chance to visit the Royce’ chocolate factory in Hokkaido, Japan!
From November 8, 2014 to January 31, 2015, each single-receipt purchase worth Php 3,000 at any Royce’ shop in the Philippines entitles customer to one raffle stub.
One lucky winner will win four round-trip tickets to Japan, plus hotel accommodations (four days, three nights) and an exclusive tour of the Royce’ Chocolate Factory.

Royce' Chocolate World

Visit Royce’ Chocolate World and see how Royce’ chocolate is made. Get a chance to try more than 200 exclusive products not sold anywhere else. If you go in the winter time, you might even see snow!
Royce’ Chocolate is available at Power Plant Mall, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Eastwood, The Podium, and The Cake Club in Bonifacio High Street.
To know more, read complete mechanics below.

Royce' mechanics

Cuteness overload at Cath Kidston flagship store in Manila

Some people still get shocked when I express my love for cute girly things.
The truth is, part of me will never grow up.
It’s ironic that God gave me all boys—my husband, three sons, and now a puppy named Anwar. I have no one to share the cute, girly things with.
That doesn’t stop me from liking them though.

Cath Kidston is a brand I discovered in Tokyo many years ago. I was attracted to the colorful, girly patterns and the oilcloth bags and accessories.

Cath Kidston in Tokyo
Cath Kidston in Tokyo

I would see Cath Kidston at Sogo department store in Hong Kong. In Manila there are numerous fakes, but I respect intellectual property. Somehow I never got to buy anything.
Last week I was surprised to find out Cath Kidston was opening a flagship store at The Fort’s Active Fun building.
Brought in by the Bench group, I was lucky to be invited to VIP night. I arrived late after the guests had gone and had the store all to myself. I felt like a six-year-old in a candy store, except now, I can afford it!

Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort

Here’s what’s in store: All kinds of bags in Cath Kidston prints

Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort

Throw pillows and gift items in iconic Bristish prints

Cath Kidston at The Fort

Children’s clothes and accessories

Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort

Baby bags, bottle holders, feeding sets, and kitchen accessories

Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort

Two of my favourite patterns are the London bus and Stop Thief! print

Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort

I’m a sucker for school supplies and bundled packaging

Cath Kidston at The Fort

I love the dainty sewing accessories and horizontal oilcloth bag

Cath Kidston at The Fort

Pretty aprons

Cath Kidston at The Fort

Women’s clothes, sneakers and bags

Cath Kidston at The Fort
Cath Kidston at The Fort

Tempting, but I already own too many wallets

Cath Kidston at The Fort

Here’s what I ended up buying: an ultra-light suit case, a rolling laptop bag, the horizontal oilcloth bag, Stop Thief! pouches, sewing accessories, and sharpener. The bulky stuff I could never buy abroad are now here!

My loot

Inspired by her English childhood and love of antique fabrics, Cath Kidston opened her first store 20 years ago in London with a start up budget of GBP 15,000.
Using vintage fabrics she created cushion covers, bags and flowery ironing board covers, and sold these along with second-hand furniture and customised household objects.
A mistake in ordering too much fabric got her making duvet and pillow sets, aprons, wash bags, swimsuits and more. This “happy problem” resulted in the first Cath Kidston collection.

By 1999, her store began to branch out. She started licensing, collaborating and expanding her merchandise line until she sold her business for further expansion.
In 2006 the brand opened its first store in Tokyo, and in 2010 they expanded to more countries in Asia. Currently there are more than 100 stores and concessionaires worldwide.

Cath Kidston at The Fort

The first Cath Kidston store in Manila is now open at the Active Fun building, 9th Avenue in Taguig.
To know more about the brand go to

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