My Top 10 hottest Jewish men
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I was 24 years old when I lived in New York in the early ’90s as a student at Parsons School of Design.
When you’re single and in your 20s—that’s the best time to be in New York.
I was kind of dumb because I had a boyfriend back in Manila, so I dated nobody!!
BUT I am really attracted to good-looking men, especially if they are good boys, and more if they are religious.
Good Catholic boys are such a turn on, like this one we saw at St. John The Evangelist in New York last year.

Catholic boy

You can imagine how nice to bring home to your parents, be a good daddy, sweet husband, good provider, etc. Luckily I already got one at home, having married a nice Dutch Catholic in 2000.
But aside from Catholic boys, I am also attracted to Jewish men—I really think from a fashion point of view. I just die whenever I see a cute guy in a yarmulke with their suits or long-sleeve shirts, walking around New York.


For me it’s just a turn-on.
So the Buzzfeed recently featured their Top 51 Hottest Jewish Men on their site.
Upon seeing the list, I thought, no wonder I’m attracted some of those guys.
From there, Grace and I decided to blog each other’s Top 10s without looking at each other’s blogs.
Here’s mine:

1) Adrien Brody
Fell in love with him in The Pianist. I find him intense looking and fashionable.

Adrien Brody

Died when he kissed Halle Berry at the Oscars

Adrien Brody 2002

Swooned when he rode the train in Taipei

Adrien Brody in Taipei

and died again when he passed by Manila and didn’t see me!

Adrien Brody at NAIA

2) Paul Rudd
Loved him in Clueless and the fact that he aged well. He looks good even when haggard.
Wanted to watch him in Grace last year, but was no longer in New York when it opened on Broadway.

Grace on Broadway

Paul Rudd at Grace press conference in New York

Paul Rudd

3) Bryan Greenberg
Got me hooked to How To Make It In America , which was sadly canceled after Season 2, and watched him again in Prime, as cougar Uma Thurman’s love interest.
Would make him #1 if he didn’t ignore me on Instagram and Twitter 🙁

Bryan Greenberg

4) Joshua Bowman
Plays Daniel Grayson in the TV thriller Revenge.
Was in Palawan not so long ago with girlfriend and co-star Emily VanCamp.
Joshua Bowman

5) Jake Gyllenhaal
Because how many guys can look good—both as a good boy and a bad boy?

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal

6) Mark Ronson
Because he looks so cool, and his looks change all the time.


7) Adam Brody
Can look good—both as good boy and bad boy.

Madison, WI Youth Tour w/ Adam Brody and Joy Bryant

The American actor also drums for Big Japan for extra pogi points!

Adam Brody of Big Japan

8) Jack Antonoff
The guitarist of the American band Fun gets pogi points for the hair, and being Lena Dunham’s main squeeze.

Jack Antonoff

9) Adam Sandler
Don’t laugh, but when I was a kid I had a strange crush on Jerry Lewis and watched all his movies.
For me, Adam Sandler is the modern Jerry Lewis. I don’t find him guapo but he’s cute in a comedian way.

Adam Sandler

10) Adam Levine
Saw him in Manila as Bench endorser and found him refreshingly honest.

Adam Levine

To see Grace’s Top 10, click HERE.

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  • Vins

    jusko. nalaglag panga ko! HOTNESS!


  • Those Jewish guys are indeed very good looking. I want to have a Jewish boyfriend 🙂


  • Mac Turija

    Nawala na si Lenny Kravitz! Pinalitan talaga ni Mark Ronson.

    Sayang wala si Oded Fehr.



    Ana Maria Zamora Reply:



  • pabarurot

    i noticed most of this hot jewish guys have facial hair… or hairy … hmmm


  • PhRepubliq

    Adam Levine. I die! But then I have a big crush–Jeroen!Lol!



    CVS Reply:



  • Philip

    funny because I just tweeted, about five minutes ago… “If theres a man i wish i could look at everyday, it would be Paul Rudd’s face. That guy is beautiful”


  • geljam

    I agree with this whole list except for Lenny Kravitz. But yes, the Lisa Bonet part is worth some points:


  • Grace dela Cruz

    I bet that guy in the church is on his way to becoming a priest. XD Our church used to have a “Seminarian of the Month” whose picture is displayed at the cathedral’s lobby…lahat sila gwapo. O_o Every time I pass by their picture, I immediately look at Christ at the altar and ask WHY WHY WHY.


  • divasoria

    I have to say, so hard to choose just ten!! and my new crush is Jack Antonoff – MOHAWK + JEWISH = PTJ!!

    swerte ni lola lena!!!



    CVS Reply:

    PTJ? Patay tayo jan?



    divasoria Reply:

    haha yes PTJ = patay tayo jan 😛


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