Can’t wait for “My Husband’s Lover”
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I’m excited for GMA’s new drama series, My Husband’s Lover, which premieres Monday, June 10, 2013.
But don’t expect the typical “mistress genre”, as the title suggests.

My Husband's Lover

My Husband’s Lover, stars Tom Rodriguez (as Vincent) and Carla Abellana (as Lally), whose characters get pregnant while still in college.

My Husband's LoverMy Husband's Lover

They decide to get married, even though Vincent’s mom (Kuh Ledesma) is against it. Because of her, Lally finds out married life isn’t such a bed of roses.
Especially when she becomes pregnant with her second child—Vincent becomes distant and cold towards her.
Here’s when Lally discovers Vincent’s dark secret—an old flame named Eric, played by Dennis Trillo.

My Husband's LoverMy Husband's Lover

My Husband’s Lover also stars Karel Marquez, Victor Basa, Chanda Romero, Roi Vinzon, Glydel Mercado, Bettina Carlos, Kevin Santos, and Pancho Magno.

My Husband's LoverMy Husband's LoverMy Husband's LoverMy Husband's Lover
My Husband's LoverMy Husband's LoverMy Husband's LoverMy Husband's Lover

Now watch the trailer

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  • zsasquared

    Now I know who’s that Palmolive Shampoo commercial model who sounds like the John & Marsha character Matutina, it’s Carla Abellana pala. Palmolive should have chosen another model who does not sound like she inhaled helium…other models like KC, Anne and Isabelle all talk naturally and in one smooth take but Carla’s commercials sound like each of her lines were recorded separately and she was made to speak each word slowly, but to no avail, as she still sounds like Matutina, haha


  • lois

    Hi Ms. C! Were you able to watch the show? What’s your verdict? 🙂



    CVS Reply:

    i found it too slow….


  • Cherry

    Whoa, Kuh Ledesma looks so great.


  • misel

    ahhh kaya pala aalis yung character ni tom rodriguez (jeff/ papa pards) sa be careful with my heart, may bagong project heehee


  • johbeeze

    hmmm i dont know if some people are ready for this…


  • Patweek Padilla

    i have high expectations of this one. theirs is a story that’s very relevant and timely – and i just hope matauhan ang dapat matauhan, tough, though, since it’s a dilemma between true love and compassion.


  • Mopz

    Lemme guess the ending: The Straight Couple ends up happy in the end and the gay guy gets echa-pwera’d (might even die).

    I would like to be mistaken with this.


  • Jimrei Jess Miranda

    me too!!! Im just concerned that some groups might say nasty things about this when it starts showing scenes that are against the norm.


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