Crushed by Candy (and Jane too!)
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Damn you Jane Kingsu and Candy Dizon for getting me addicted to Candy Crush!!

Jane Kingsu Cheng Candy Dizon

When Jane showed me the game at Keri’s birthday dinner last February, I paid no attention and thought it was no better than my favorite Bejeweled game.
Then Candy tweeted about it today, and I decided to download since I am now eight days post op and spending a lot of time in bed.
Though I’m not yet 100%, my spirits are up. I am no longer depressed due to suffering and lack of activity.

candy crush saga on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

So yes I am surviving. What does Candy Crush teach me? Never say never. It is great for passing time and getting rid of crazy thoughts.
I also have to thank Ginggay for telling me about her friend who has spent Php 60,000 on Candy Crush buying all sorts of boosts. Thank you for telling me it is addicting so I won’t break the bank playing it.

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  • Chic Sassy Mom Des

    welcome to candy crush! it’s only through this game that I come to hate chocolate!!! I’m stuck at a level now, so I’m not playing it…my week is already stressful as it is. Taking a break for a better perspective. ^_^



    CVS Reply:

    I hate chocolate!! but not as much as I hate time bombs!!



    divz Reply:

    the kid in u!ahahah i find u funny. nOt funny-funny but funny the cute way.


  • Voguely Van

    yes, definitely addicting.. spent more than 20k buying all kinds of boosts.. lol!


  • hew me

    60K for candy crush? #bye


  • jabez

    what level is he/she already in? just curious on what 60k is worth on candy crush. :)


  • el toro bumingo

    Is Candy Crush the new Angry Birds, Temple Run or Plants vs Zombies? :)


  • ruthilicious

    I haven’t visited your blog for a while.. and it was funny that your recent post is about Candy Crush, I am just thinking of starting to play it. But I am afraid I will get addicted, might as well finish my books to read 😀 By the time I am already playing it, there might be probably a new game craze! 😀


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