Chuvaness x National Book Store now online!
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Chuvaness x NBS products are now online and back in stock with 17 different items.
Click HERE to order.

Chuvaness x NBS online
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  • Fleur Rubio-Sombrero

    Ang bilis ma-out of stock!!! I hope they’ll restock soon!


  • Joann

    So happy to find out that they can ship to Canada (although 10x the price of the items). I wish they’ll re stock the other items soon so I can order them all at the same time!


  • Darla Reolo

    Thank you Chuvaness for these wonderful items!
    Bought my Chuvaness Carry All Canvas in NBS Super Branch! Lavvveeeetttttt!!!! Will hoard more next time! Lol
    <3 <3 <3


  • Van Cornel

    the items that I wanted to buy are out of stock 🙁


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