Is a CDG x Crocs collab possible?
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If you were a brand of clothes, what would you be?
I’ve been wearing Comme des Garçons since 1985, when my dad took me home a black pullover from Matsuya Ginza.
Since then, I’ve been collecting anything Comme.
Not too long ago, Sayoko’s friend, Kyoichi Tsuzuki published a book titled Happy Victims.

Happy Victims cover

It is one my favorite books. In it, the author and photographer went through the homes and closets of Japanese fashion victims who were devoted to one brand of clothing.
Here’s his photo of one Comme des Garçons collection.

comme des garçons collector

Pretty sure I could match this collection if I wanted to.
“When we get rich, I wanna wear Comme everyday,” I told my husband.
I’m not there yet, but who knows…

Last Saturday, Jappy Gonzales of Univers invited me to a very casual dinner with a person named Enda from Comme des Garçons, whom I assumed would be Japanese.
Dinner was at Café Juanita in Pasig; I was coming straight from the Easter Egg Awards at Newport City.
On the way there I was practicing my Japanese with the help of Kissa Castañeda, a friend who lived in Japan for years.

Kissa and Sayoko
Kissa Castañeda (L) with Sayoko Hokazono in Omotesando

Kissa was texting me the polite way to greet the foreign guest.
When I arrived in time for dessert, I saw that Enda was far from Japanese, but Irish. So I wasn’t even able to greet him in Nihongo.
Jappy’s group is always very low-key. I’ve met his business associates from Martin Margiela, Jil Sander, and Fred Perry, and I’m very careful not to whip out a camera and take a picture of them or the food.
That’s why I was too shy to take a picture of Enda, but I was able to Google him at a private dinner in Taiwan.

GIVENCHY European Sales Director Nereo Friso, CDG Global Sales Director Enda Cleary
CDG Global Sales Director Enda Cleary is on the right with Givenchy European Sales Director, Nereo Friso

Being in this casual setting, it’s great to be able to ask questions about the brand, such as, “Is Rei Kawakubo’s hair a wig?”
Nope, it’s really her hair.


Plus some stuff that is private.
I learned how old she is and how started out working as a stylist in a fabrics store. (I have visions of her draping mannequins in fabric like in Carolina’s, hehe.)
Then I asked Enda to explain the collaborations with Pink Panther, Mickey Mouse, and now, Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons.

Matt Groening x Comme des Garçons

We segued into other CDG collaborations with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (which I missed completely), not to mention a major one with H&M, Converse, Fred Perry, Cambridge Satchel, and more.
What I really was dying to know if there was any chance for a CDG x Crocs collaboration—so I asked.
At which point Jappy almost choked on his cassava, and Enda nearly fell of his seat.
I started to sweat bullets while explaining myself. Because I love Comme and Crocs are so comfy—but hideous—she can make it look nice. She can create a clog with polka dots. I would buy it. I would line up for it. I tried to explain.
Jappy listened, seemed to get it and agree… “That could probably sell out,” he pondered.
It could be earth-shattering, I wanted to say.
Enda was laughing silently and giving me The Look. Would he tell Rei? Maybe not.
If they don’t do it, I can still hope for a Viktor & Rolf x Crocs collab because Crocs are really the comfiest shoes out there. Give them a break please? Vivienne? Yohji? Jeremy Scott??

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