Vice Cosmetics: The makeup collection that broke the Internet
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Except for CNN and ANC, I don’t really watch TV, so I didn’t know who Vice Ganda until my cousin Keri told me a story about the Taylor Swift concert in 2011, where her daughter Amanda spotted Vice Ganda with Kris Aquino, and Amanda wanted to have a photo with Vice Ganda, not Kris Aquino.
I was like, who’s Vice Ganda??
Now I know.

Vice Ganda is a popular flamboyant gay comedian and TV host who’s known for wearing outrageous costumes.
Now he’s also known as an influential business partner with the successful opening of District 8 gastro-pub in Greenhills and now Vice Cosmetics.

Vice Cosmetics

Everybody—including some makeup snobs I know—is talking about Vice Cosmetics.
With prices that fit right into the brand’s “Ganda For All” beauty philosophy, Vice Cosmetics taps into the Instagram generation’s need for lips that are perfectly lined and filled in.

Vice Cosmetics

Stocks in shelves were sold out within two hours and Vice Cosmetics own website crashed a few times due to the volume of users.
According to the brand’s US-based partners, business for Vice Cosmetics was so brisk that it caused multiple servers to crash.

The Phenomenal Lip Kits, which include a lip liner and liquid lipstick, are priced at Php 295.

Vice Cosmetics

The Good Vibes Matte Lipsticks are Php 199.

Vice Cosmetics
Vice Cosmetics

“They would, truthfully, have been priced slightly higher but Vice wanted everyone to be able to afford the lipsticks,” said Rhoda Campos (below, left), head of Business Development and Marketing at Vice Cosmetics.

Vice Cosmetics

The idea behind the products is genius. The Phenomenal Lip Kits come in eight colors ranging from browns and nudes to reds and berries. The shades are perfect for millennials. The Good Vibes Matte Lipsticks come in colors that are more age-democratic.

The lip kits come in shades which relate to Vice Ganda’s career: Pony, Benjamin, Whoops Kiri, Girly, Phenom, Star, Unicorn and Showtime.
The shades in the Good Vibes collection are even gayer and more showbiz: Ganderz, Aura, Hayabayabayu, Kering-Keri, Good Vibes, Pak Ganern, Tarush and Kavogue.

Vice Cosmetics

The clamor has been so great that Vice Cosmetics is having a “good problem.”
Rhoda admitted they underestimated demand for the lipsticks. According to sources, the lip kits are selling so fast, with most in-demand shades, Pony and Whoops Kiri.

Vice Cosmetics

Vice Cosmetics will be formally launched in a concert called “Ganda for All” at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum on October 22. Admission is free to those who purchased the lipsticks.
The collection is available at selected Watsons and SM Stores, and Vice Cosmetics kiosks at Trinoma, Farmers Plaza and Market! Market!

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Vice Cosmetics
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