Watch remastered old Tagalog movies on the big screen this Valentine week

Thank you ABS-CBN for restoring old Tagalog movies!! It’s about time.
Just found out Power Plant Cinema 5 is screening remastered Tagalog movies from Feb. 10-16.

Reelive the classics

Minsan Minahal Kita (2000) is one movie I enjoyed recently (sorry the trailer’s so long.)
Sharon Cuneta is married to a bastard played by Edu Manzano. She meets Richard Gomez who is married to a bitch played by Angel Aquino. They hook up. Happens all the time in real life. I bought the DVD and really enjoyed it, I watched it twice! Go see it if you want to see a cheesy, dated love story :)

Thinking of watching Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising (1984) starring Hilda Koronel and Christopher de Leon. Shot in Baguio and Sagada by Mike de Leon. It looks like a sad movie. Be prepared to get depressed.

Gosh, I still remember seeing this during the ’90s. It’s the saddest story ever. I don’t even want to write what I really think about it. Sana Maulit Muli stars Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach.

Enjoy the low-tech gadgets in Kakaba Ka Ba (1980)

Looking forward to more remastered Pinoy movies. Thank you to everyone behind this cause!
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Contest: Level up your rice and meet Alden Richards!

Doña Maria Rice welcomes Alden Richards as their newest endorser!
To celebrate this, Doña Maria is giving away cash prizes, Doña Maria rice and a VIP pass to meet Alden Richards.

Alden Richards

How to join:
1) You must have an Instagram account (not private).
2) Buy Doña Maria rice and cook something appetizing. Take a picture that includes the dish and Doña Maria rice packaging in the photo.
3) In your caption, say how Doña Maria Rice has changed your dining experience with your family.
4) Don’t forget to tag @DONAMARIARICE and use hashtags #DonaMariaRice #LevelUpYourRice #PremiumQualityRice

There will be 9 minor prize winners of Php 5,000 cash and Doña Maria rice.
There will be 3 major prize winners of Php 10,000 cash, Doña Maria rice, and a VIP pass to meet Alden Richards.

Contest runs until March 31, 2016.
Doña Maria will choose and announce the winners on @OfficialTimYap and @PhoemelaBaranda Instagram accounts.
To know more, go to

My Journey with ThermiLift (Part 2)

It is now one month after ThermiLift. I don’t want to brag. Some people say I look ten years younger, but I really feel I look 20 years younger!! I don’t mind looking in the mirror anymore.
I had ThermiLift on January 6.
On January 12, I had a shoot with Rexona, still swollen (photo on the left).
On January 21, I took the right photo. I am still healing by the way, but I’m loving it!

My creation

This was taken during the Rexona event on January 19. My double chin seems to be gone!

At Rexona

If you’re a man or woman in your 40s or above, you probably feel the beginnings of ageing on your face and body, such as fine lines and sagging skin.
During the ’70s, facelifting was popular. But it made the patients look even older or dated, with the skin stretched backwards.

Death Becomes Her

Lucky for us, new technologies have been developed. They are safer, less painful, and have better results.
Belo Medical Group is the first company in the Philippines that offers ThermiLift. It’s an injectable facelift that last for about two years, unlike other procedures that last only 6 months to a year.

“You can use Thermilift to tighten and contour certain areas of the face and body that are sagging or have excess fat,” said Dr. Vicki Belo during the launch of Thermilift in the Philippines.
Present at the launch were Dr. Bryan Kinney, board-certified plastic surgeon and chairman of the Thermi Clinical Advisory Board, and Barry Rigby, vice president for international sales of Thermi Aesthetics.

During the launch, Belo showed images of men and women showing varying degrees of ageing—like jowls, beer bellies, and droopy cheeks. ThermiLift is a machine that heats and repairs sagging and loose skin from within. As a result, it tightens the skin, reduces fat and relaxes frown lines on the forehead. Basically, ThermiLift is an injectible RF that sculpts the face and the body.

Dr. Vicki Belo

Belo explained that as Filipinos age, their faces get bigger as opposed to Caucasians whose faces usually become gaunt as they get older.
“When we talk about ageing, we talk about skin. But underneath the skin is fat, and underneath that is muscle. Other machines really only target the skin. They don’t do anything about jowling, fat and muscle. As you get older, muscle on the face goes from being round and cute to becoming long and sagging. ThermiLift is the only thing that can go inside the skin and target the muscle.”


ThermiLift can be done with using Twilight or local anesthesia. Pain depends on your threshold. Some people say it is painless, but I experienced a lot of pain during the procedure but not after.
There is very little downtime except for mild swelling and discoloration. You go home with a bandage around your face but the next day, you can resume your usual activities.

Kinney said Thermilift is not just about ageing.
“You can have it done when you’re 25, 35 or 45, depending on the laxity of the skin.”

Cristalle Belo, Dr. Bryan Kinney, and Dr. Vicki Belo at the ThermiLift launch at Makati Shangri-La

So how is it done? The doctor inserts a micro needle into the skin, delivering a controlled, consistent dose of RF energy while watching a TV screen with an infrared image of your face.
This way the doctor can view exactly how heat energy is being transmitted to your face or body. The procedure takes around two to three hours. After Thermilift, you’re given a relaxing, lymphatic massage by a nurse.

ThermiLift launch
Cristalle Belo and Tom Rodriguez talk about ThermiLift next to an infrared image of a patient.

Results are gradual and may take from three to six months to see maximimum effects of the treatment. The best part is that effects can last up to two years.
For more information, go to

My journey with ThermiLift (Part 1)

When it comes to my looks, I have issues thicker than September Vogue. That’s why I don’t like having my picture taken. I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it.
One of my most scarring moments in college was when a schoolmate of mine made a comment about my full cheeks. (Karma got her; she’s got the full face now.) Because no matter how skinny I was, I always had full cheeks (read: siopao face). I blame it on my love for ice-cold Coke.
Also the first time I heard I had a double chin was shocking. My sister told me.

When I studied at Parsons New York, our illustration teacher told us how small faces were an asset. Even if you were tiny, a small face can make you look taller (read: Mary Kate and Ashley) while a big face would make you look shorter (read: Oompa Loompa).
I became conscious of my face. I didn’t know then it had something to do with my Coke intake. Years later I realized that if I stopped drinking Coke for four days I actually had a smaller face. But not drinking Coke made me grumpy.

fashion student

Enter 2016.
In 2015 I tried very hard not to drink Coke. But three of my friends died last year—ages 37, 50, and 50. Life is short. I don’t want to go through life without that one thing that can pick me up in an instant. How do I give up Coke? So I didn’t. My face continued to puff and age and one day I woke up and I was haggard. I dreaded looking at my face in the morning. But I didn’t know what to do about it.
One day I texted my friend Patrice who was having lunch with Cristalle Belo. She talked about a new machine Dr. Vicki Belo was launching soon. It can make your face smaller!! They sent me this before and after picture of one of Belo’s staff.

ThermiLift before and after

That was it. I showered and hauled my ass to Belo Greenbelt at 2 PM.
Still didn’t know what the procedure entailed but I was up for anything. I was desperate.
Dr. Belo was there to interview and assess Patrice and I.

Dr. Belo

We were given a choice to do it awake or sleeping.
Sleeping would mean we had to take blood test, get cardiac clearance, and come back when ready.
Awake means we get local anaesthesia and a squeeze ball. But I could do it that same day. I chose awake!!

From Greenbelt we transferred to the Medical Plaza building (near Makati Med) for the procedure. I was not scared at all. Dr. Belo filled us in on what would happen.
I changed into a hospital gown, hair cover, and fresh socks and walked into the operating room.
It was already evening. The OR was filled with nurses, Dr. Belo, another doctor, and a photographer.
I laid down and held a squeeze ball and a rosary.

In preparation, they injected my face maybe 50 times (not sure) with local anaesthesia. Yes it hurt!! I felt my face swelling up and I was scared. I finished one rosary. Then Patrice came in to hold my hand.
There was a TV screen which reflected the temperature of my face. They made five incisions using a long but tiny canula. This goes under the skin. It heats up and tightens the flesh under your skin, like RF (radio frequency tightening). And yes, I felt it. It felt hot under the skin and I was scared.
Good thing Patrice was there to hold my hand, while Dr. Belo and I talked about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to pass the time.
Two hours later, I was done. And I survived!!

Next they gave me a face massage using special gloves to reduce the swelling. It felt so good!! These were the kind nurses that helped me.

Belo nurses

They wrapped my face in bandages. By now it was 9:30 PM and we were starving. Patrice, Dinna and I had a quick McDonald’s at the clinic before heading home.
I got home at 10:30 PM, swollen and covered in bandages. My husband Jeroen opened the door and told me not to see the kids because they might get scared. So I went straight to the room.
That night I couldn’t sleep because I was itching, but no pain.
The following day my face looked like that Danboard character (read: a box), but I was OK.
I had a blowdry and stayed home. I had no pain.


(To be continued)

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